Posted by: marcmwm | December 7, 2008

Iowa vs. South Carolina in Outback

It still could be the Capital One. I’m just saying.

EDIT: Really, it still could be the Capital One.

EDIT: You people have killed the Outback site. Takes hours to load. Don’t bother. They are waiting on the Cap One. The Cap One has not made its decision.

EDIT: I need to start working on my irons, either way.

EDIT: Outback now says it will announce its matchup “shortly.” I try that one with my wife all the time. Shortly, honey! Being on the other end of it sort of sucks.

EDIT (10 p.m.): Barta didn’t want to get into the who wanted whom game. There was a delay on the Capital One end. I have no idea what they discussed. I’m sure they’re thrilled with their selection. No one is ever not thrilled about their selection, kind of like the NFL draft and recruiting.



  1. It’s NOT Cap One…,0,319863.story

  2. Congrats to KF and staff. After the past two years to get this squad back to a 1/1 game is phenomenal work.

    They deserve some serious kudos.

  3. Sorry I didn’t get to your post sooner, Andy. I was on my way to IC.

    Thanks for the link.

    This is where Iowa belongs, except if you’re a Northwestern fan.

  4. From the good people at BHGP, an e-card for your favorite Mild Kitty fan…

  5. I know it’ll be funny, MF. Please God, let it be rated somewhere north of X, preferably PG-13. 🙂

    It’s seriously beer o’ clock for me. The day started with XMas shopping. And Saturday night never really ended.

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