Posted by: marcmwm | December 4, 2008

Tribune’s Silver Football goes Greene

Next stop, Doak Walker. Don’t know about New York, but, in my opinion, this is the Heisman Trophy for Big Ten football.,0,3035774.story



  1. Gonna be a nice holiday season for Shonn and deservedly so.

    How are things in the Gazette offices? Will they lay off Ecker, please?

  2. Shonn is gonna need to build some shelves.

    I went out to New Jersey and visited Albert Young at his family’s home in Moorestown. I remember there was a plaque on the wall for a South Jersey all-star team. Young, Greene and that Townsend WR (can’t remember his first name) were on the plaque. This was after Albert’s big sophomore year, before the nagging injuries and nutty, disappointing 2007. From day 1, Albert said Greene was capable of big things.

  3. James Townsend, and no answer to my other question/statement?

    No worries and I’ll leave it alone!

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