Posted by: marcmwm | December 2, 2008

Doak Walker Award

I submitted my Doak Walker vote today.

The finalists are Iowa’s Shonn Greene, Georgia’s Knowshon Moreno and Michigan State’s Javon Ringer. The vote is due next Monday at 5 p.m. The winner will be announced on ESPN’s college awards show on Dec. 11 at 6:30 p.m.

I saw all three quite a bit. I was impressed with Moreno in the passing game last weekend against Georgia Tech. Ringer was Michigan State.

This will be the knock on Greene when voters look for knocks, who did the Hawkeyes play? Iowa beat one ranked opponent, then-No. 3 Penn State. The Hawkeyes beat four teams (Maine, Wisconsin, Penn State and Minnesota) with winning records. Maine is a FCS team. Of course, Iowa’s losses were close (four losses by a total of 12-points) and Greene rushed for more than 100 yards in every loss. That will be the knock.



  1. Sorry voters, 100 ypg overcomes any “knock” you want to put up IMO.

    Look at the tapes and it’s a KO for Shonn.

  2. The argument that Greene rushed for 100+ yds in every loss is specious at best. He rushed for 100+ yds in every win too.

    The argument about Iowa’s relatively weak schedule is valid. But, if you look at common opponents, I think Greene out-performed Ringer:

    NU: Greene 159, Ringer 124
    IU: Greene 115, Ringer 198
    UW: Greene 217, Ringer 54
    PSU: Greene 117, Ringer 42
    PU: Greene 211, Ringer 121

    I don’t think there’s a good argument to pick Ringer over Greene. That leaves Moreno as the only other RB worth discussion. He did play in a more difficult conference. But Greene out rushed him by almost 400 yds, had a higher Avg and had one more TD.

    So, who did you vote for? 😉

  3. You all know Marc voted for Shonn.

    You did, didn’t you, Marc?

  4. The SEC plays NO defense. It’s almost as a bad a defensive conference as the almighty Big 12. If Greene played in either of those leagues, he’d have rushed for over 2,000 yards easily.

    Ringer has no business in the discussion. Period. Even HE knows that. He endorsed Greene for the Heisman weeks ago.

    And the Georgia guy. Check the numbers. Greene is the ONLY back in the country to rush for 100 yards + a game. He has the highest average per carry and, if you want to play games with it, he did it for a lowly 8-4 team…

    Greene should win in a landslide. But then sports writers have never been known for their intelligence. After all, not even Babe Ruth was a unanimous selection for the Hall of Fame.

    Mike in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  5. Hey Mike, thanks for checking in.

    The word “shon” was in the guy’s name I voted for.

    This was a no-brainer. There might be some parsing, which was the point of my post, but Greene was the best running back in the nation this year. I think Moreno could be a better pro (I’m thinking along the lines of Marshall Faulk), but he could also just be a different pro, like Faulk vs. Stephen Jackson.

    It’s not all sportswriters on this panel. Past winners are here, too. Byron Hanspard gets a vote. The media part also includes the likes of Mel Kiper and Kirk Herbstreit, so it’s TV people, too.

  6. Not that there was ever much doubt, but nice to see that you voted for Shonn, Marc. I really hope voters don’t hold the team’s record against him, it’s an individual award. He certainly wasn’t to blame for any of the losses this year.

  7. Hey Marc,

    I’m a former sportswriter myself, and my snide remark wasn’t directed to you personally, nor was it meant to exclude either the talking heads or the former winners of the award. People in general have a tendency toward bias rather than objectivity, and those in the sports world are no exceptions…thus the Babe Ruth reference.

    On a related subject, the BCS says Oklahoma is better than Texas, even though Texas beat them on a neutral field. So using what passes for logic with the BCS, why would the Capital One Bowl take MSU over Iowa just because Iowa lost a 3-point game to the Spartans on the road early in the season? Using BCS logic, Iowa is clearly the better team NOW (compare Penn State results) and that trumps head-to-head…at least when it comes to the trivial pursuit of selecting teams for the erroneously titled “national championship game.”

    Thanks for confirming you voted for Shonn. Anything less than a Greene landslide would make the Walker Award just another joke.

    Mike in Riyadh

  8. Only because Mike mentioned Babe Ruth and the HoF, there has never been a unanimous selection for the baseball HoF. Tom Seaver has come the closest with 98.84% of the vote.

    But, this year Ricky Henderson is on the ballot. If there has ever been a unanimous selection, it should be him. Any HoF voter who does not vote him in on the first ballot should have their privileges revoked.

  9. Given Shonn Greene’s performance (yes the offensive line opened the holes of course), his body of work (all 12 games over 100+ yards; including 2 200+ games), the fact all 12 teams lined up with the intention of stopping him or at least slowing him down, and given the fact he got better and better as the season came to a close, there is no doubt he is by far the best running back in college football bar none. I hear Minnesota is checking the plates of the truck that ran over them: #23 IA 55-0.

  10. No problem, Mike.

    I saw the list of HoF possibilities, MF. Yes, Ricky should be close to 100 percent, if not 100. It’s a rogue’s gallery this year.

  11. Ringer shouldnt even be in it hes terrible with only a 4.2 avg i mean moreno would be much greater if they ran him 150 more times like they did him but i think greene should get it with moreno runner up.

    moreno has that ability to turn a play for a loss into a play for a gain an abiity that just to good so its either gonna be greene or moreno. ringer has no chance

  12. and also look at morenos running game with our pretty much entire backup o-line

  13. Ringer isn’t terrible, but I believe he did run out of gas. MSU used him up through six games. He was heroic against Michigan, though.

    I agree on Moreno. He’s a stud.

    Heisman vote on Sunday night or Monday morning. I want to see what happens this weekend.

    I’m looking at Greene, Tebow, McCoy, Bradford and maybe Harrell and Crabtree. I think the numbers that come out of Tech offense are legit, because Tech continues to put them up. Though, you can definitely argue the Big 12 is allergic to defense this season.

  14. The reason Iowa had a bad record is because their quarterback Ricky Stanzi is the worst in the nation. If iowa had a decent quarterback than they would of only lost 1 or 2 if not 0. Plus, Greene is going to be a monster in the NFL. The man is 5’11, 240 pounds with quick feet and he isn’t fat either.

  15. Worst in the nation, Jordan?

    I disagree. I’m not saying he didn’t have his struggles. His shining moment this year, in my mind, is the final drive against Penn State. That was all Stanzi (with a huge assist from a pass interference penalty).

  16. Greene should win hands down. He should be a strong heisman finalist. The big 4 QB’s in the heisman race, have a great team around them, they can have off days and still come out looking great. Greene is almost all of Iowa’s offence, teams would stack the box and focus entirely on Greene and they still could not stop him. At times it seemed like the more teams focused on him the better Greene would do.

  17. This is ALL a joke! UConn’s Donald Drown leads the nation in rushing and isn’t even mentioned! Morons running this award….

  18. Kind of fun to come back and look at these threads in retrospect. For one things, Iowa was far from a bad team considering their 9-4 record and top 20 finish. Green’s 120 yards and 3 touchdowns (mostly in the first half) against an SEC team whose defense was nationally ranked at some points during the season, kind of settles the matter.

  19. And, CE, the debate will percolate again when one of these guys establishes himself as a pro.

    Great thing about sports. It’s always open to debate.

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