Posted by: marcmwm | November 29, 2008

Half way to the Outback . . .

(Or the Alamo.)

After one of the most incredible runs I’ve ever seen – you’ll see it on SportsCenter – Oregon leads Oregon State, 37-17, at halftime. (Had to edit because neither of these teams plays defense.)

Oregon RB Jeremiah Johnson’s run is double awesome. Make sure you catch it.

For good measure, Oregon got a pick 6 with 43 seconds left before half.

This helps Iowa this way: An Oregon victory would knock Oregon State out of the lead in the Pac-10 and would give USC the conference’s BCS bid, opening up a BCS spot for Ohio State.

Two Big Ten teams in the BCS (Penn State is in the Rose Bowl) brings everybody up a notch.

Michigan State looks strong for the Capital One. The next slot would be 9-3 Northwestern and 8-4 Iowa for the Outback Bowl. Whichever isn’t picked for that would be in the Alamo Bowl.

Sounds like Wisconsin has talked its way into the Insight, so that would leave Minnesota with the Champs Sports.

With two BCS teams and seven bowl-eligibles, the Big Ten wouldn’t have enough teams to fill the Motor City Bowl. Last year, 6-6 Iowa stayed home. This year, 6-6 would’ve been just good enough.



  1. Does anyone play defense? I watched all of those games yesterday and didn’t see a lick of D except from USC. Probably not a fair team to use as the played FC and his worthless squad.

    I really want us to get Mizzou in the Alamo though it isn’t going to happen.

    Norm could leave IC and make A LOT of $ coaching defense at most of the other schools I watched yesteday.

  2. E, I couldn’t agree more. I know a lot of people complain about “bend but don’t break” defense, but I wouldn’t trade Norm’s “D” for anything we saw yesterday. Florida was good. But man, most all the others over the last few days played horrible defense.

    I worry about the day Norm retires. I know my Chicago Bears are not the same defense since Ron Rivera left, and I’d hate to see the Hawks “D” become average.

    Marc, do you think our team would give up 40 or 50 points every game if we played in the Big 12 this year? I know their offenses are good, but seriously? And also, who do you think my replace Norm Parker when he retires? I suspect someone will be promoted from within.

  3. We wouldn’t give up 40-50/game as we’d stuff the run and force the pass allowing us to tee off on QB’s.

    Those QB’s are good but not when they don’t have regular, hard pressure on them. Colt McCoy completes 77% of his passes versus those D’s. The kid is good but not THAT good.

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