Posted by: marcmwm | November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

One or two times, when I was legal, my dad and I sneaked out for red beer at some bar I can’t remember in Lancaster, Wis.

Now, I’m hoping Van’s in EDBQ is open. Gotta stock up on Old Rasputin.

I want to thank everyone for participating. I love the blog and the connections I’ve made. You guys are great. I want to connect with a fan base that is capable of TEARING DOWN AN OPPONENT’S GOALPOSTS.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Viking Pirates of the Living Dead!! (Beer O’ Clock won’t happen this week, but it’ll be back next. I’ll be doing some research in Green Bay.)



  1. Happy Thanksgiving buddy! It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere!

  2. Happy turkey day! I’ve been on vacation down south and played 3 rounds of golf this week. Now I’m drinking a Loose Cannon from Clipper City Brewing.

    thanks for a great blog, Marc!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving all and this is a great blog Marc. Absolutely my #1 source for all that is Iowa football.

    Happy holidays everyone!

  4. Thanks, all!!

    I pillaged Steve’s in Madison and Van’s in EDBQ today. I can’t even remember everything I bought.

    Not enough room in the fridge.

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