Posted by: marcmwm | November 26, 2008

Underdog Award . . .

Definitely a cool idea. Gotta be Ball State’s QB, right?

And Happy Thanksgiving, all!! releases 2nd annual Underdog Award Semi-Finalists
Given to the nation’s best player not playing in a BCS Conference





In an effort to bring media attention to those players from smaller schools that are too often overlooked for the HEISMAN and other major awards, presents the 2nd annual UNDERDOG AWARD to recognize the best FBS Mid-Major player in the nation.


The players listed below have excelled and further stand out from the many great mid-major players found throughout the college football landscape. Our 2008 UNDERDOG AWARD In-Season Watch List, released a few weeks ago, presented 25 players worthy of recognition due to their superior numbers this season. Now, we present the 14 Semi-Finalists.


QB Chase Clement – Rice

QB Nate Davis – Ball State
QB Max Hall – BYU
QB Tim Hiller – Western Michigan
QB David Johnson – Tulsa
QB Case Keenum – Houston
RB Tyrell Fenroy – Louisiana-Lafayette
RB Damion Fletcher – Southern Miss
RB MiQuale Lewis – Ball State
WR Antonio Brown – Central Michigan
WR Austin Collie – Brigham Young
WR Jarett Dillard – Rice
DB Joe Burnett – UCF
DT Jerry Hughes – TCU


The finalists will be presented Tuesday December 2, and the winner of the 2008 UNDERDOG AWARD will be announced on Wednesday December 10, 2008.




  1. That is a good idea, and yes, Nate Davis of Ball State should get that. I’m not convinced that Ball State could hang with a top flight team, but that kid definitely could start for almost any BCS program.

  2. House, good stuff all year. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from South Florida.

  3. I’ve seen Ball State four times on ESPN this year. This guy tops himself everytime out. He’s a smallish QB. I can’t believe he didn’t end up at Iowa. 🙂

    Thanks, Lams!! Going to GB Sunday for the yearly ritual of tailgatin’ and beer drinkin’!!!!

    Can’t wait.

  4. That was quite the can of whip-ass your boys pulled out on the Bears a few weeks ago … so I have to say I enjoyed the Saints’ Monday night rout of the Pack. Division seems up for grabs. Enjoy the trip to Lambeau. I am not so lucky. My boss is getting married, so starting Friday I am in 11 of 12 days including 7 slots.

  5. Seven slots? That is a long run. Hang in there.

    My winter is going to be weird, I think. More enterprise than anything else. Kinda excited about it.

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