Posted by: marcmwm | November 20, 2008

Viking Pirates of the Living Dead!

EDIT: Gotta thank Storminspank, a prolific Hawkeye internetter , for the link. (I still watch this in awe. I wanna party with you guys.)

If any of you out there are in this, I’d love to hear from you.

This still makes me LMAO. It’s been six years and I still think this is one of the greatest moments in the history of college football rivalries.

Think of the audacity!!!!

You guys are true pirates.


  1. I was JUST watching this on Youtube, came over here to see if you had anything new…too funny.

    I just emailed the link to my brothers and friends. It is one of our greatest memories at a road game. The greatest, actually. I wasn’t part of it on the field but we were there to watch for sure. What a great time. And the “static” noise they ran thru the PA system trying to get us all to leave. Unreal. Stupid goofers.

    I remember the Goofers AD and some of their media said we were classless to do that. I disagree. It was totally original. To take down THEIR goalpost? In a dome? And remove it? How cool is that?

    I love the Hawkeye fans!

    See you all up there!

  2. I was there but had a friend working for ESPN radio so I missed EVERYTHING.

    I did, however, get to stand next to the good capt. while he was talking to Kiper and Revsine? on ESPN radio, very cool.

    Saw everyone come in the tunnel post game and watched O’Keefe laud Sanders when he came through. Bob was pretty quiet but the best part was Holly Rowe. She wanted in the locker room and KF’s body guard told her NO ONE get’s in the locker room.

    Holly B&M’d that “we(ESPN) have covered Iowa all year” and he didn’t care, great stuff.

    Saw Bowlsby’s family as well, dude was a putz, IMO, but had some hot daughters.

  3. It’s one thing to tear down, but to actually trying to remove it from the dome is priceless. The “R.I.P. Kinnick North” is a nice touch, too. 🙂

  4. Holly Rowe was a great Hawkeye that year, and so on after that. She really liked KF and what he meant to Iowa. Here’s a cool link to watch. Holly interviews Kirk after the Penn St game (Kirks first after his Dad passed) and she puts her head on KF’s shoulder when he breaks down. Very touching. And she’s admitted to really liking the Hawks.


  5. I’m somewhere in the middle of that mess. One of the best times of my life, and probably my favorite moment in Hawkeye history (the New Year’s Heave in the Captial One Bowl a couple years ago comes pretty close, but I wasn’t there for that one).

    I was among the first people to start rushing the field (which I though was funny enough) but I can’t take credit for coming up with the idea to tear down the goalposts, although god bless whoever did. I helped though, and then was part of the group parading them around the field while the PA guy yelled at us and played the riot control noise or whatever the hell that screeching sound was supposed to be.

    Damn revolving doors preventing us from completely stealing the goalposts and continuing the parade out into the streets….

  6. You guys are viking pirates of the living dead!!!!!!

    I get chills watching that.

    It was so “of the moment.” The circumstances were perfect. Dome security was so Kevin Bacon from “Animal House.” You guys were crazed with joy. It was like the Dome filled with nitrous. That blaring noise only seemed to spur you on.

    Minnesota sort of Gopherizes the dome with some banners and stuff. They have banners of every Big Ten team. I remember looking up in the aftermath and noticing the Iowa banner was long gone.

    Viking pirates of the living dead!!!!

    Paul, thanks for that link. I remember being down on the field for that. That game is one of my most memorable. So much drama and sorrow and, then, joy and relief.

  7. Calling a penalty on the visiting team for noise? That warning from the Refs set everything else in motion.


  8. Marc, we went to that PSU game as well. People who watched it on TV thought it stunk and we thought it was one of the best games we ever saw in person even though it was 6-4.

  9. I love low-scoring games where every inch means something.

  10. 6-4 was awesome if only for the moment when Ferentz made one of the balliest calls I’ve ever seen and decided to take the intentional safety while up for. Now that’s confidence in your defense.

  11. That 2004 defense was the TEAM.

    That D-line was fabulous.

  12. “It was so “of the moment.” The circumstances were perfect. Dome security was so Kevin Bacon from “Animal House.” You guys were crazed with joy. It was like the Dome filled with nitrous. That blaring noise only seemed to spur you on.”

    Nice. That was great. So true.

    Man, I hope we win tomorrow!

  13. Adam,

    So right on. KF’s most man up call ever. He told Joe, like Adrian told Rock, “You can’t win.!!!!!!!”

    Best call of his career? Hard to argue bro.

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