Posted by: marcmwm | November 17, 2008

Mossbrucker down and now out

That is one thing that stood out with today’s two deeps.

It looks like sophomore Daniel Murray is the No. 1 kicker. He booted a season-long 45-yarder Saturday and, of course, he had the 31-yard gamewinner against Penn State.

Here’s what Kirk Ferentz had to say:

Off day

Pretty tough couple weeks for true freshman kicker Trent Mossbrucker.

Last week, when it came down to a 31-yard field goal to win the game, Ferentz and co-special teams coach Lester Erb went with sophomore Daniel Murray, even though Murray hadn’t attempted a field goal since week 4 at Pitt and lost the job to Mossbrucker, who was 13 of 15 going into last week.

Ferentz said it came down to Murray’s experience. Things didn’t go any better for Mossbrucker on Saturday.

He missed two extra points, his only kicks Saturday and his only two missed PATs this season.

“Today was a tough day for Trent. It was uncharacteristic and, I know, disappointing,” Ferentz said. “I know, too, that he’ll bounce back. He’s a tough-minded, resilient guy. He’ll work through this, just like all kickers, all players, have to work through slumps or bad days. It’s not uncommon.”

Ferentz didn’t know if it was residue from last week’s snub.

“What’s important is how he responds and I’m confident he’ll do a great job,” he said.

On Iowa’s only field goal attempt, Murray nailed a 45-yarder, Iowa’s longest field goal this season. He also took the PAT on Iowa’s final TD.



  1. Poor kid is now mind f ‘ed IMO. Too bad as he was having a great year prior to Purdue and those kicks were fugly.

    He’ll be alright.

  2. For what its worth, I was sitting in the North endzone and it was clear prior to the game that Trent wasn’t right. He missed the majority of warm-ups, including extra-points. The “good news” is he was pushing everything wide right, just as (I think) he did both in the game, which leads me to believe he just over compensating/thinking and should be fine as soon as he hits one again.

  3. Thanks, Three.

    I didn’t notice that in pregame. I’m always watching to see which linemen are dressed.

    The question here is does this force Iowa’s hand on a schollie for Murray? I think it does, which gives Iowa the “luxury” of two scholarship kickers. Murray is only a sophomore, just one year ahead of Mossbrucker. This is not one of those “good problems.” I don’t like the idea of platooning kickers, a long and a short FG. Bright side, Murray could really grow into being the No. 1 for the next two seasons. Down side, what do you do with Mossbrucker? How do you keep him feeling “up”?

    In the grand scheme, it’s not a huge problem. It’s one scholarship. Still, someone is going to walk away from this No. 2 and bitter. Murray seems like a grounded guy and maybe he’s OK with walk-on status. That doesn’t change the fact that he deserves a scholarship, in my opinion.

  4. Do they do partial scholarships in football like they do in other sports (e.g. baseball)?

  5. No, MF. It’s all or nothing in football and basketball.

  6. […] guys” are Daniel Murray and Trent Mossbrucker, the Hawkeyes’ kickers going into the 2009 season. They experienced the full rollercoaster […]

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