Posted by: marcmwm | November 10, 2008

Vote for the Outback Bowl

I’m not sure of the relevance of these things. Oh wait, I am sure. They are irrelevant.

But you can nudge the Hawkeyes toward the Outback Bowl with a click of the mouse at the Outback Bowl site.

How does everyone feel about an Iowa-South Carolina matchup at the Pirate Ship Stadium in Tampa?

The Ol’ Ball Coach? That would be interesting.



Tampa, FL — College football fans once again have a chance to voice their opinion on what teams they want to play in the Outback Bowl.  Each year the bowl asks fans to vote for the match-up they’d like to see play in Tampa’s New Year’s Day game by participating in the bowl’s Online Fan Poll at   


“It’s not scientific so it’s not, in itself, going to determine the match-up, however, we like to get input from the fans and see who they are really excited about seeing in the game,” explains Mike Schulze, Outback Bowl Director of Communications & Sponsorships.   


The Outback Bowl gets the third choice of teams from the Big Ten and Southeastern Conferences.  There are currently eight teams from those two leagues ranked in the Top 25.  Teams are expected to be announced on December 7, though at least one team could be announced sooner.




  1. That firekirkferentznow website sure hasn’t been updating much lately!

  2. That happens when you jump to conclusions. Lose at Minnesota, it’ll perk up.

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