Posted by: marcmwm | November 9, 2008

And so it begins . . .

Get ready to hear a lot of Ferentz-to-blah, blah, blah from the east.

The first salvo comes from Cleveland.



  1. Can you see the KF offense in the NFL?

    Yeah, go shotgun on 3rd and 2 with arguably the best RB in the nation on your team. Then, when that fails, try it again.

  2. This crap doesn’t worry me anymore. KF has stated numerous times he doesn’t need the grief of the NFL and who can blame him.

    I’m sure he’d be just estatic going to coach Winslow and his non stop yapping.

  3. I actually think he’s a better fit for the pro game than he is college. If he ever leaves it’ll be for the NFL, and after a few down years in a row, Cleveland is probably the only team that would give him a head coaching job because of his relationship with Savage. The timing isn’t really right for it though, I can’t imagine him leaving when James has four years left at Iowa.

    MF, he wouldn’t be in charge of the play-calling anyway, but his offense is fairly pro friendly. It looks boring at the college level because of all the spread stuff you see around the country, but that crap doesn’t work in the NFL. Anyway, that’s a pretty silly complaint. Most teams throw 3rd and short at least occasionally, regardless of who their running back is (otherwise the D is going to sell out against the run every time), and Iowa is traditionally very run-heavy under Ferentz, including this year.

  4. With James having four years of eligibility, I don’t see it.

    Phil Savage and Ferentz are close friends, we’ve heard that a bunch of times. Ferentz might be exactly what Cleveland needs, but I’m not sure the timing fits.

    I wish I could write something definitive, but you guys know there’s no way anyone can know.

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