Posted by: marcmwm | November 6, 2008

Moses leaves Iowa

Some internetter who’s Facebook buds with Dezman Moses has been saying all along that the New Jersey LB has said on his Facebook page that he’s leaving IC.

Coach Kirk Ferentz has said that Moses was practicing with the team since his four-game suspension expired two weeks ago. Moses was suspended for a public intox arrest earlier this fall.

Well, now we find out the Facebook prophecy was true. Sounds as amicable as it can be (it probably wasn’t).



            IOWA CITY, IA. – University of Iowa sophomore linebacker Dezman Moses has left the team and decided to transfer to another school.


            Moses is a 6-2, 240-pound linebacker from Willingboro, N.J.


            Head Coach Kirk Ferentz had the following comment: “While I was sorry to learn of Dezman’s decision, I understand his thinking. All of us wish him success in the future, both academically and athletically.”





  1. Probably the right move for him, I don’t think he was going to see much playing time in the near future barring a bunch of injuries. Iowa’s pretty loaded at linebacker right now with guys like Hunter, Edds, Nielson, Tarp, and even Tillison. Can’t wait to see how Ferentz haters try to spin this as evidence of him “losing control of the team” or something like that.

  2. I think one more alcohol-related arrest, Adam, and that’s going to start heating up all over again.

    Yeah, Moses got lost in the numbers. He’s a good athlete and should land somewhere. I’m not too sure TE wasn’t his best position.

  3. I have to say, I don’t really get the outrage over most of the alcohol arrests. The vast majority seem to be stuff like PAULAs, which, I can tell you from experience, aren’t particularly hard to get in Iowa City (I’m pretty sure my dad’s forgiven me by now). College kids getting in trouble for drinking isn’t exactly a phenomenon that’s unique to the Iowa football team, and I don’t really know what Ferentz can do to stop it. Stuff like the Everson/Satterfield situation is absolutely unforgiveable and something to be concerned about, but underage drinking? Meh.

  4. I’m with you, Adam. But there is a certain percentage of fandom (maybe not even fans, but more the general public) that will decry this every time it shows up in the news, the drinking/PAULA issues.

    And you’re right, Ferentz, Chigozie Ejiasi, no one can stop this. This is going to happen, every year. What can’t happen are the felonies. If you look at it, Ferentz has dealt harshly with those. In fact, I would submit that his handling of felony arrest should be the gold standard for all of college sports. Basically, it’s if you’re arrested for a felony, you are off the team, even if you later plead to a lesser offense. Ferentz has done exactly that. If you look around the Big Ten, you’ll find that he’s the only one.

  5. Marc, I agree that Ferentz has handled the felonies as good he could handle them. No arguement there. But your comment about the rest of the Big Ten, and him being the only one? I know Penn State has had their problems lately. But Ferentz being the only one, is that 100% accurate? In particular, I’m interested in any Michigan examples (my team).
    But without question Ferentz has handled the felonies good (as unfortunate as that sounds).

  6. Stew, I admit, I’m not 100 percent familiar with all of Michigan’s off-field problems. My “from Cedar Rapids” take is that Michigan also has a good track record with this. I know Lloyd gave Adrian Arrington a bunch of chances, but, and correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t think he even ended up with an arrest in Ann Arbor. I think he just had “team” issues.

    My thoughts were directed toward a couple schools in the Big Ten.

    And you’re right, as unfortunate as that sounds.

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