Posted by: marcmwm | November 4, 2008

Quick news conference notes . . .

— Reserve OT Wes Aeschliman rode the ambulance home to Iowa City from Champaign after suffering a dislocated hip against the Illini. He spent two nights in the hospital and is doing better, Kirk Ferentz said. This was a first for Ferentz in his career. And a dislocated hip is as painful as it sounds. Aeschliman spent two nights in the hospital. He’ll be on crutches for a few weeks, but there isn’t any substantive damage.

— G Andy Kuempel is doubtful with his seperated shoulder/muscle problem that “may or may not come around,” Ferentz said.

— G Seth Olsen, who was replaced by Kuempel the last two weeks, is a definite maybe. Ferentz said he’s got a realistic shot depending on the week. Olsen has missed the last two games with a sprained ankle. Same goes for TE Tony Moeaki, who has been cleared after suffering a mild concussion.

— This brings us to Jayme Murphy, the reserve RB who makes his presence known on special teams. Against Illinois, Murphy got in on a tackle on kickoff and suffered a concussion. He hasn’t been cleared to play yet, but Ferentz said he expects him to be by the end of the week and plans for him to play Saturday. This is Murphy’s third or fourth concussion, forcing Iowa to change his role on kick coverage. “We’ve changed his role on the kick off team to take him out of the direct hits,” Ferentz said. “He’s more of a side-to-side player now.”

 — Sophomore linebacker Dezman Moses is back with the team after serving his four-game suspension for a public intoxication arrest on Sept. 21. He re-joined the team on the first practice of the bye week.

— The more Ferentz has learned about SS Harold Dalton’s arrest Sunday morning for public intox, interference with official acts and disorderly conduct the less he’s inclined to allow him back on the team. Dalton started 12 games last year at strong safety.”The initial report, I was disappointed,” Ferentz said. “But I’m more disappointed after learning more details.” Dalton is a fifth-year senior and so Ferentz’s patience is far less for something like this.

— For those keeping track, WR Derrell Johnson-Koulianos has been banned from talking to the media on Tuesdays. This goes back to the interviews he did before . . . can’t remember . . . but he conducted a round of interviews with a hat and sunglasses on, a no-no with Ferentz. But DJK is allowed to speak after games, so if you’re keeping track. “Working on his dresscode,” Ferentz said. “That’s really not what we’re looking for.”

— Iowa’s WR productivity begins with senior Andy Brodell (27 catches for 454 yards and four TDs) and pretty much ends with DJK (25 for 325 and 1 TD). Junior Trey Stross is next with 8 catches for 68 yards. After missing three games with a hamstring injury, he’s seeing more action, but still averages just 8.5 yards a catch. Since catching two TD passes against Florida Internationa, Sandeman has three catches for 20 yards. This season he has 6 for 76 yards. After that, true freshman DeMarco Paine hasn’t been heard from since Florida International, Paul Chaney hasn’t recorded a reception since the opener and Marvin McNutt is just getting his feet wet at the position with 1 catch since moving from QB. “It’s not like we’re not trying to throw the ball to Derrell and Trey,” Ferentz said. “How the defense plays dictates where the ball goes.”

— Ferentz is OK with the “Greene out” idea from the student section. He believes RB Shonn Greene gets it and isn’t walking around expecting to have his jersey retired. Ferentz would also be OK with a King for a day, with fans getting one of those Burger King paper crowns, honoring Iowa D tackle Mitch King. Or a
“wig out,” where fans are given a blond wig, also in honor of King. But, he also might’ve been kidding.



  1. There needs to be WR production on Saturday to have any chance vs. Penn St. Defense will do what they can but Stanzi must get the ball to the wideouts and work on not getting sacked more than 5 times.

  2. That sacked thing might be the hard part.

    Iowa’s OTs are going to have their hands full.

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