Posted by: marcmwm | November 1, 2008

Probably no Seth Olsen today . . .

Kirk Ferentz said on his radio show Wednesday night that they don’t want to put senior guard Seth Olsen out there too early and blow the rest of the season for two quarters today. So, that sprained ankle he suffered before the Wisconsin game will likely keep him out for a second game.

Saw Tony Moeaki at the Champaign (or Urbana, I seriously don’t know for sure). He looked good to go. Same for DE Adrian Clayborn.

And, of course, you’ve probably heard by now that Illinois RB Daniel Dufrene is questionable today because of personal reasons. Illinois released that Friday afternoon. He may or may not play. I’m pretty sure Jason Ford, the true freshman, is poised to jump into that spot and take over.

Iowa linebacker Dezman Moses is slated to return from suspension today. We’ll see if he plays.

Come join us for our live blog today. I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to participate. We’re basically on deadline with a 2:30 kickoff, so that might limit things.

Someone will be moderating. Not sure who. We’re not a very organized outfit. But you’ve probably picked up on that.


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