Posted by: marcmwm | October 30, 2008

Donahue a Ray Guy Award finalist

Believe it or not, I’m a Ray Guy Award voter. I have been for the last two or three years. I was given the opportunity and jumped on it. I’ll vote for anything college football that I’m asked to vote for. I have the Ray Guy, the Doak Walker, the FWAA all-American, all-Big Ten, Heisman and I know a few others that I’m blanking on right now. I consider it an honor to be asked for my opinion, even if it’s more credible when it comes to the Big Ten. I know that might sound crazy, but I consider it a fun part of the job.



IOWA CITY, IA – University of Iowa sophomore punter Ryan Donahue has been named a finalist for the 2008 Ray Guy Award. The award is given annually to the player voted the best punter in collegiate football.


Donahue is one of 10 finalists for the prestigious award. The winner is announced during the Home Deport College Football Awards Show on Dec. 11th in Orlando, FL.


Donahue, a native of Evergreen, IL, was named to The Sporting News Freshman All-America team as a freshman and was an honorable mention all-Big Ten pick last year.


The award is named for football legend, Ray Guy, the first punter ever inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame (2004). This year, 53 punters were nominated for the honor. The nominees were evaluated on their overall statistics and contribution to the team. Particular emphasis was placed on the following categories: net average, percentage of total punts inside the 20-yard line, average return yardage and percentage not returned.


Donahue is averaging 40.9 yards a punt. He has at least one punt over 50 yards in five of the last six Iowa games. Thirteen of his punts have been downed inside the 20-yard line.


The 10 finalists are:


Bryan Anger               California                    Freshman

Derek Epperson          Baylor                         Sophomore

Ryan Donahue            Iowa                            Sophomore

Matt Fodge                 Oklahoma State          Senior

Chas Henry                 Florida                         Sophomore

Kevin Huber               Cincinnati                    Senior

Pat McAfee                 West Virginia              Senior

Zoltan Mesko              Michigan                     Junior

Louie Sakoda              Utah                            Senior

A.J. Trapasso               Ohio State                   Senior




  1. Great honor for Donahue, especially as a sophomore. You sure do see a lot of fans wearing his jersey!

  2. Dude, that’s a sweet gig to get to vote for award winners.

    I have the Ray Guy, the Doak Walker, the FWAA all-American, all-Big Ten, Heisman-

    Do you vote on these as well?

  3. Yeah, E. I vote for whatever I’m asked to vote on. I consider it an honor to be asked. I don’t consider myself an “expert” — let’s face it, I don’t see much past Iowa and the Big Ten — so it does add some homework assignments. I don’t like to go into these things guessing, so I put in the time.

    Fans were wearing Donahue’s jersey three years before he got here.

  4. Yeah, someone else had his jersey before him and that kid was pretty damn good.

    After all the awards do you let people know for whom you voted?

  5. For some, I do. The Big Ten frowns on it, so I keep that to myself. But for the most part, yes.

    I don’t just pick guys from Iowa because I’m from Iowa. Like for punter right now, I know I voted for Utah’s Louie Sakoda last year. I know he must be having another good year with the Utes undefeated.

    But the Doak Walker, right now, I’m going with Shonn Greene. Knowshon Moreno is the other RB I’m considering, but I’ve seen Greene up close and I know how much he means to this team. Right now, I’d vote for him.

  6. You don’t pick guys from Iowa because you’re from here? Get out.

    Not only how much SG means to the team but how good he is. Quite frankly, he’s playing at the level everyone always dreamed he could play at once he arrived on campus and we saw him play a couple of times.

  7. […] Donahue, who set a school record for punts in a season (86) and punt yardage in a season (3,533), was a Ray Guy Award semifinalist this season. He only had 12 of his 50 punts returned last season for a grand total of 60 yards. […]

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