Posted by: marcmwm | October 30, 2008

Big Ten Network item

Sounds like you might have to watch a few basketball games that you care about on your computer screen.


Network to stream more than 100 events at no charge for fans

Number of women’s basketball games produced for TV or broadband nearly doubles


CHICAGO The Big Ten Network is launching a streaming initiative that will include more than 100 events this year and will nearly double the number of women’s basketball games available to fans. The majority of games will be streamed with the assistance of the Big Ten universities through their in-arena video boards and accessing their local radio calls, and will be streamed live at at no cost to fans.


This season, the network is streaming all men’s basketball exhibition games and any nonconference game that conflicts with other live programming on the network – a total of 37 games – while 107 games will be televised. Fifty-six women’s basketball games will be streamed and, when combined with the 64 women’s games that will be televised, the exposure for women’s basketball is nearly doubled. Other sports that could be streamed this year include hockey, wrestling, baseball and softball.


President Mark Silverman said that with overflow channels only available during football season, the network has decided to stream the conflicted games and offer them free to fans. “Next year, we plan to significantly upgrade the quality of our streaming production through enhanced technology while offering more events online,” he said.


The network is looking to eventually match the 400 live events currently planned to air on the network with an additional 400 streamed events that previously would not have been televised.


The first streamed game is a men’s basketball exhibition contest in West Lafayette, Ind., Friday, with Florida Southern taking on Purdue.


The streaming schedules for basketball are listed below; the schedule of televised basketball games was announced earlier this fall and can be found at


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