Posted by: marcmwm | October 22, 2008

Hockey night

If the national anthem at the United Center doesn’t get you flowing, I just can’t help you. Brings me out of my seat everytime.

Settling in for the Blackhawks. I don’t have any Molson Canadian but I’ll figure something out.

We have our first game of the season next Wednesday. We’ll see how long my knee lasts. I’m giving it two shifts.

Lots of talk about bowls. Jon Miller, of KXNO and HawkeyeNation, did a little scouting and heard from the Big Ten that the Alamo Bowl picks ahead of the Champs Sports Bowl this year. That’s San Antonio over Orlando.

There’s a lot of football to play. That I know for sure.



  1. Joe Louis Arena > The United Center

    Karen Newman > rowdy Chicago fans drwwning out the music

    LaBatt’s Blue > Molson Canadian

    Hockey Night in Canada > any hockey coverage in this country

  2. 1) True, I’ll never let go of Chicago Stadium.

    2) False, just false, false, false.

    3) Hmmm. I’ll gladly taste test that one this weekend. Got nothing else to do.

    4) TRUE!!

  3. Honestly, I’d bet in a blind taste test I couldn’t tell the difference between Labatt’s and Moslon. But, for some reason, I gravitated towards the Blue.

    How’s that AB review coming? 😉

  4. I had one Sunday.

    It’s brilliant. You were right. You can’t tell it’s a high ABV. No bite, just smooth.

    I’d have another one, but I’ve got a head cold and can’t really taste anything. I believe that’s why I have the Miller Lite.

  5. Was it the Oaked version? I’ve not tried that one. Did it have anything to make it taste “oakey”?

  6. Hey House, you’re too old to be playing Hockey.. unless the arena has a bar. If that’s the case, then get in a fight, get thrown out, and go directly to the Bud Lite.

  7. And one more thing……
    If you must continue playing hockey, then try to be the goalie.
    At least goalies don’t have to move around that much. And you can have some Bud-Lite in that jug the goalies have sitting on the top of the net.

  8. Joe, it was the “oaked.” Maybe a tinge of that. I see some extensive taste testing in my future. Remember that GABF thing you sent me? I haven’t even heard of a lot of those.

  9. Randy,

    I’ve got that fight-to-beer thing down pat. How do you think I’ve lasted this long?

    I could never play goalie. I’m not crazy enough.

    You’d be an excellent goalie, by the way.

  10. re: GABF

    I’ve not heard of 90% of those either. I’d guess the majority of them are not available around here either.

    If a beer quest is what you want, I’d hope for a Holiday Bowl bid for the Hawks so you can get out west.

  11. Wait, Miller actually had to ask someone in the Big Ten to figure out that the Alamo Bowl got to pick before the Champs Sports this year? Don’t they just flip back and forth every year?

  12. No chance you make it two shifts. You will have a fight or cross check someone in the head with the intent to injure, the first shift of the game. You’ll be in the stands drinking before the end of the first period. It’s a shame you didn’t get a role in Slap Shot 2!

  13. Adam, the middle bowls, after the New Year’s Day bowls, can buy the next highest selection. I think we’re talking Alamo and Champs. I’m not sure if the Insight is included in that. So, it does change and it can get confusing after NY Day.

    Joe, Holiday Bowl, I wish. The farthest the Hawks will go west is ‘Zona for the Insight. It’s too early to even venture a guess. They’re probably only going to be favored in one of their next four games.

  14. Stew, that Slap Shot 2 comment hurts. Hurts me bad.

    I still haven’t seen that. I’ve heard it’s just awful.

    I watched the NHL Network for an hour last night. I’m a sick, sick man. (Actually, their version of “SportsCenter” is all hockey highlights and it is awesome.)

  15. Admit it, you just watch it for the fights.

  16. The reference to you not getting a role in slap shot 2, was meant with the utmost respect, heck I don’t need you beating up the ref! Yeah the movie is aweful, but my point in mentioning Slap Shot 2, is that your style of goon hockey is 2nd to only the Hanson Brothers.
    So when you posting the over/under on how many majors for fighting you get this year???

  17. Majors for fighting? I’m going to say one. Last year, I went the whole season without one. Then, in the second-to-last game, I got in a pretty good scrap. Takedown, fists, the whole deal. At the end of it, the ref Friedman (I think that’s his name, good ref, by the way) was on my back while I was raining the fury down and grabbed my shoulder. He was yelling at me to stop, but if I would’ve relaxed my shoulder, he would’ve ripped my arm off.

    I got head-butted on the way to the box. At that point, I was too tired to care. BTW, we were getting drilled 9-2, so that had something to do with it.

    This year, I plan to be a pacifist, until that punk from Cornell tries checking me. Then, it’s pitchfork time. And I really hate to do that when you and Ben are reffing because I know you guys.

    Frankly, I just hope to have a little game this year. I’m worried about my knees. And back. And shoulder.

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