Posted by: marcmwm | October 21, 2008

Greene out! (It’s not what you think, don’t worry)

Got this e-mail last night. I don’t think that it’d work, but I like the idea and the enthusiasm.

Let’s face it, Shonn Greene is the best running back of the Ferentz era and maybe the best since Tavian (Sedrick was before Tavian, right?).


I’d like your input about possibly having a “Greene Out” for the Penn St. game and spreading the word!

I’ve created a Facebook page in an attempt to spread the word. (

If ABC is already pushing back the Illinois game later in the day, could you imaging the impact of having the PSU/IA game later in the afternoon–or even at night–with a sea of green across Kinnick in support of our awesome running back (This is not the Drew Tate team of ’06 when I paid $350 to see them get smacked around the field by the way).

Keep up the great work! Just one Hawk fan trying to make a difference!

Justin Scott
Waterloo, IA


Give the Facebook page a look.


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