Posted by: marcmwm | October 21, 2008

David Blackwell update

From Steve Sigafoose of the Council Bluffs Nonpareil:

It’s never easy making it back. We’ll see. Blackwell is an intriguing athlete and Iowa certainly can use athletes.



  1. “I like both positions,” said Blackwell. “I like running a reverse from the receiver spot where I have an option of throwing or running.”

    I think he’s watching too much game tape from the Hayden Fry era.

  2. Or being recruited by a team that’s done that.

    Remember, he’s recruitable, even if Iowa “placed” him there.

  3. OK. I’m not familiar with this kid. What’s the background on him? Did he commit to Iowa but is still fair game for other teams?

    I’ll confess to not knowing the intricacies of the NCAA recruiting rules. But I’m willing to learn.

  4. Came out of high school in FLA, not sure off the top of my head, with a torn ACL. Wasn’t going to play this year at Iowa because of the rehab. Had a Clearinghouse issue. I’m finding it’s better to have those in January at semester than it is to have them in September.

    A QB/WR hybrid, he went to Iowa Western, a fledgling juco program. Being at a juco, he’s recruitable by anyone. Iowa is limited in its contact, too. He’s fair game.

  5. I’m not sure we’re getting him back. We signed him originally in large part because the coaches promised him a shot at QB, but I can’t imagine that happening now given all the positive reviews I’ve heard for Vandenberg and Wienke so far. Blackwell is a great athlete, but we seem to be pretty set at receiver for near future with Davis (who I could see starting right away) and Cotton coming in. I hope he winds up somewhere though, it’d be a shame to see all his talent go to waste because of academic issues.

  6. I think Iowa was pretty honest about the receiver thing.

    But I think the big thing is, Adam, that when a guy goes away from Iowa City the chances that he returns dip. That stat is taking a beating this year, however, with Greene and Amari Spievey.

    I also think you can’t have too many receivers or options there. Douglas, Bowman, Cleveland . . . This will be a very different group next year, no Brodell, but you’re adding Davis (I personally think he ends up at FS, but that’s also me being contrarian), Cotton and Marvin McNutt a full-timer.

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