Posted by: marcmwm | October 18, 2008

Seth Olsen is out

It’s confirmed. The senior guard isn’t dressed today. The O-line just took the field and No. 71 is not among them.

I didn’t see it but was told that he got off the bus with a walking boot and crutches. Then, I was about to go on radio and heard from another solid source that he is indeed out.

We’ll see for sure when the linemen come out for warmups, but that’s what I’m hearing now.

For Wisconsin, O-linemen Gabe Carimi and Kraig Urbik didn’t make the trip.

Iowa DE Adrian Clayborn, sprained ankle, doesn’t appear to be starting. Chad Geary is starting. Clayborn must’ve missed a lot of practice.



  1. Marc –

    Is Seth’s injury serious???? Now in no regard did I think Iowa’s O-Line struggled but he is a very solid member of this group…

    Anyways a great win for the Hawks and I love how Coach B kind of downplayed that fact that Shonn “you won’t like me when I’m Angry” Green “Machine” broke those tackles b/c he’s a beast, instead it was just poor wrapping up on there part… As if!!!

  2. I think Olsen’s injury is serious, Duane. I think it’s going to cost him maybe two more games.

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