Posted by: marcmwm | October 6, 2008

Wild, wild stat . . .

I’m writing a story about Indiana for tomorrow and I did the math (as limited as my skills are) on Indy QB Kellen Lewis’ numbers against the Hawkeyes.

In two starts, he has completed 38 of 52 (73 percent) for 577 yards, six TDs and one interception.

I had to know what the pass efficiency on that was. So, I did the math and . . . OK, I didn’t do the math.

I went to this site — — and punched in the numbers. It’s a pass efficiency of 200.5, off the freaking charts. Of course, Lewis won’t have James Hardy, the 6-5, 220-pound wideout who terrorized the Hawkeyes for 24 receptions for 420 yards and five TDs in three starts.

But 200.5?? That’d be No. 4 in FBS this year, ahead of Missouri’s Chase Daniel.

I guess we’ll see how much of that was Hardy.



  1. Or Adam Shada.

  2. I knew someone was going to go there!!!

    Hey, it was pretty obvious.

  3. Living in Indy we’ll be there this weekend and we best get the job done Saturday as I need to see a win sometime soon….

  4. Throwing a wrench into the Iowa killer that Lewis has become would be a good start, E.

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