Posted by: marcmwm | October 5, 2008

So, there’s a FireKirkFerentz blog somewhere . . .

Saw that during the live blog we had going during the game.

Oh, here it is:

Pretty fancy. Anonymity makes people really mean. It’s sad, but I’m not admonishing. It’s a free world, Kirk Ferentz is a public figure and his football team isn’t winning. The vocal minority beats down the silent majority. It’s just a toothless website, giving vehicle to what a lot of you are saying anyway.

Anyways, offensive coordinator Ken O’Keefe was requested for interviews after the game. He didn’t accept. That’s his call. He’d be walking into a buzzsaw. He’d be asked to defend his playcalling and his only defense would be — following Ferentz’s lead — to say his team isn’t executing, which is coach shorthand for putting the failure at the players’ feet.

 Clearly, QB is a problem. Ricky Stanzi moves the team, but doesn’t finish. Jake Christensen didn’t move the team, but didn’t turn the ball over. It was a hole in Iowa’s recruiting and now they’re living with it.

The defense has lapses and doesn’t put enough pressure on the QB, but this is a unit capable of the heroic any given series. Holding MSU to a field goal after being on the field for 7:32 the series before and then marching right back out after Stanzi’s second fumble, that was a brilliant effort, lost in the swirl.

Iowa has a future NFLer in Greene. When? That’s the next question. Here’s an excerpt from the story I wrote for Saturday’s paper, quoting the NFL Network’s Mike Mayock, the networks main draft guy.


So there’s no NFL book on Greene, at least not yet, but his size and skill set — 5-foot-11 and 235 pounds with quick feet and good speed — are what a lot of NFL teams covet, Mayock said. Most running backs come in the 5-9, 210-pound range. The 225-pounders-and-up are a scarce commodity.

“If you get a bigger guy who can push the pile and who has quick feet and has demonstrated an ability to carry a heavy load,” Mayock said, “then you have somebody who’s going to catch some attention.”


I’m running on fumes. I just wanted to get some thoughts out.

This is a great running team that is great at stopping the run. Everything else is hit and miss. It doesn’t have enough trusty playmakers. The secondary is prone to the big play. And special teams are flaky.

The playcalling? It all goes together, doesn’t it?


(Brian Ray/The Gazette)
Michigan State’s Chris Rucker celebrates after stopping Iowa’s Derrell Johnson-Koulianos short on fourth down, giving the ball back to the Spartans during the fourth quarter Saturday in East Lansing, Mich. Michigan State won, 16-13.





  1. I wouldn’t write off Stanzi yet..his problem is ball security and that is something that he should improve on with experience. I would argue one of the failings of this staff was not getting Stanzi better prepared by playing him some last year in the blowout losses and by making the change at start of season.

    I think if Stanzi shows improvement in Indiana game with ball security, we probably can win and salvage a 7-5 season and be setup for good run next year.

    P.S… the INT Stanzi threw…Greene was being held on the play and Greene came open late because of the collision..not sure that is really a Stanzi error..though coverage was tight.

  2. Yeah, Logic, Greene was mugged on that play. I have funnier more descriptive ways of putting it, but let’s leave it at mugged.

    I think you’re on to something with the PT for Stanzi. Did the pitter patter, going back and forth with Jake, cost them these last two weeks? I’m not sure how you answer that. He needs to show some finish and quick. I’m not sure how itchy Ferentz’s trigger finger is going to get with Christensen still an option.

  3. I’m not sure what your deal with the Ferentz site is? There’s nothing profane, obscene, vulgar, or personally attacking towards him. If you read the message boards, there are far worse things being said about him than on that blog.

  4. Thomas, if I had a real problem with the site, I wouldn’t have put a link to it. I don’t like the fact that it’s totally anonymous, but that’s the nature of the internet and that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with showing passion for your team, and I’ve been around long enough to know it comes out in a lot of different ways. FireKirkFerentz is certainly one of those ways.

    And you’re exactly right, the messageboards are much nastier.

    Rule No. 1 here is civility. I’ve only had to delete or change a few posts. I appreciate everyone who adds to the discussion.

  5. Marc you ignorant slut…

    OK, with that out of the way, I agree with the anonymity issue. But, as the New Yorker so eloquently put it, nobody knows you’re a dog on the Internet. Unless it’s a “celebrity” or personality with a public presence elsewhere, you can’t be sure anyone online is who they say they are. I can put my name on things (and I do) but how do you know I’m who I say I am? You don’t.

    The Internet has given people a new level of testicular fortitude which is a double-edged sword. It’s allowed people without a voice in the traditional outlets to have one around the world. Unfortunately, not all those voices are worth listening to. But, you can always change the channel. 😉

  6. Well said, Joe. Funny insults are just fine in my book, BTW.

    It’s exactly the same principle as TV. Don’t like it, click it.

  7. This team is a leading cause of heart burn, and or alcoholism…

    Seriously, this is the epitome of a good KF team and they’re doing everything but winning.

    How is the team camaraderie? I know they’re all down but are they getting along?

  8. EP, I haven’t sensed any back biting. You could in the past, think 2006.

    I went over team mood pretty well with Mitch King after the game. He’s still way into it. He’s not having any moments of senior despair, you know, “it’s all slipping away” kind of vibe. Still very much into it and, I think, having a lot of fun. It’s just the results aren’t what they’re shooting for, obviously.

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