Posted by: marcmwm | September 29, 2008

Your Michigan State two deeps


WR — DJK, Trey Stross

LT — Bulaga, Kuemple

LG — Vandervelde/Eubanks, Haganman

C — Bruggeman, Koepple

RG — Olsen, Gettis

RT — Calloway, Aeschliman

TE — Myers/Moeaki, Reisner

QB — Stanzi, Christensen

WR — Brodell, Sandeman

RB — Greene, Hampton

FB — Morse, Leppert



DE — Clayborn, Geary

DT — Kroul, Klug

DT — King, Narinskiy, Daniels

DE — Ballard, Binns

OLB — Edds, Nielsen

MLB — Angerer, Coleman

WLB — Hunter, Johnson

LC — Fletcher, Shaun Prater

SS — Dalton, Cato

FS — Greenwood, Morrow

RC — Spievey, Bernstine

Kirk Ferentz said at the end of his TV show last night that strong safey Tyler Sash could miss one or two more weeks depending on what they find out early this week. The redshirt freshman has a shoulder injury.

Mossbrucker is listed ahead of Murray at kicker. Mossbrucker is 6 of 7 this year with his longest being 39 yards.

Also on his TV show, which is filmed not long after Saturday’s game, Ferentz said he thought RB Shonn Greene would be fine. Greene sat out most of the fourth quarter after suffering a head injury. After the game, Greene said he was fine. He must be fine.

I’ve had a spirited round of e-mails this morning with a Hawkeye guy who didn’t like that I used the term “young” in today’s story. He said it was a bailout for Ferentz. Not my intention, I assure you, but the gentleman brings up a good point. Why is Iowa young?

He said terrible recruiting. I said I don’t think you can go that far with it yet, but the flameout of the 2005 class continues to plague player development (pushing young players in before they’re ready) and I believe it shows up in close games like Saturday.

Here’s a quick breakdown of Saturday’s starters by class:

2004 (fifth-year seniors) — 9 (Brodell, Bruggeman, Dalton, Fletcher, Greene, King, Kroul, Myers, Olsen)

2005 (juniors and seniors) — 2 (Angerer, Calloway)

2006 (juniors and sophomores) — 9 (Clayborn, Donahue, Edds, Hunter, Spievey, Stanzi, Vandervelde, DJK, Greenwood)

2007 (sophomores and freshmen) — 3 (Bulaga, Ballard, Leppert)

2008 (true freshmen) — 1 (Mossbrucker)

Clearly, 2005 isn’t helping.


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