Posted by: marcmwm | September 29, 2008

Climbing the polls . . .

In the wrong direction and in the wrong poll.

I’ve linked the site before. It’s well-written, researched and not your standard howling at the moon. I think the fellas who run it are Stanford grads, so they had really high SATs.

I do think they’re a little bit premature when it comes to Kirk Ferentz. That discussion is out there for disgruntled fans (understatement alert). If things remain stale after the 2009 season (no bowl, no traction in the Big Ten), then this gets serious. Oh, and the buyout is 75 percent of what’s guaranteed.



  1. So you are saying give Kirk two more years of “stale” before anything starts getting serious … if we finish under .500 this year I am not saying coach Ferentz should be fired, but something must be set in motion with the thought that he is gone if after that the program doesn’t improve. I have been a big backer of Kirk, but that would be four consecutive years of mediocre to below-average teams. If we have another 2-6 Big Ten season or don’t go to a bowl game, the administration needs to take action and force some changes to staff as well as philosophy. If he doesn’t want to, then there is the door. Continuing to do the same old things year in and year out, when other teams know exactly what we are going to do, doesn’t cut it. Combine doing the same-old, same-old, with now getting as top notch of recruits and something needs to be done. You have to be able to evolve and change.

  2. Relax folks as KF isn’t going anywhere. This squad is really close to being damn good.

  3. I’m not giving Ferentz two more years. The UI has given him four more years. He’s got a contract that runs through 2012. I wrote that the possibility of change becomes more realistic if the mediocrity/slide continues through 2009. The end of the contract is closer and the evidence would be stacked fairly high at that point, as you point out.

    As far as the “fire the assistants” goes, Ferentz would walk out the door. I posted a story I wrote on the subject last season.

    Let’s wait it out before we declare power football dead, too.

    EP, the team is close. It needs to work on its “finishing,” which is one of those dreadful football terms that’s painfully vague. For Iowa, I think you can define it with clutch plays and points. They need more of both.

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