Posted by: marcmwm | September 24, 2008

Couldn’t in good conscience . . .

Let the Jake blogspot fly here. Too much, too mean.

I told myself I’d take censoring very seriously when I started this, but this was just too hateful. I agree with the creator and his/her idea of holding Iowa to uppercrust expectations. There’s nothing wrong with that, holding Iowa to the same expectations that Oklahoma and Florida and Ohio State fans hold their teams to. Everyone wants a national title. You can argue reality, but do you want to go into a season with the mindset of a Kansas City Royals fan? It would be beyond frustrating.

Agree with that idea, but the rest is bile.

I know some of you guys are there, the pure bile stage of fandom, but to focus it on one kid is misguided.

I’m sure you’ll be seeing the site, if you already haven’t. I’m not chastising the owner/operator — I’ve seen meaner sites and I suppose it could be worse —  I just couldn’t have it here.

I’m certain it will be a story.



  1. Marc, not sure what you’re talking about; sounds like somebody was whailing against Jake. This ranks with the booing a couple weeks ago. I believe the beauty of football is that its a total team sport, 11 guys working in unison, thus you can not boo one person, you are booing the whole team, and a football team never deserves that. This compares to Pro Baseball where you have 9 independent businessmen just doing their job, and some just watching on any given play.

    I admit I have expressed frustration with execution, but I think Jake is a terrific young man with an excellent grasp of the game, and all the intangibles. I am concerned about some of the speculation that ya hear, that he may leave the program if he’s not the starter.

    Marc, your blog is the best in the state for two reasons, 1) your extraordinary knowledge of the game and the Ia football program, and 2) your blog doesn’t seem to attract a lot of bedwetters who never played the game, just people who share a fan’s passion for the game. Thanks in advance for keeping it this way.

  2. I am bias towards Marc’s blogs because 1) I work at the same company and 2) I have much passion for Hawkeye football. But I do have to admit that Marc does a great job of reporting what he sees without getting the emotions in the way. I very much appreciate his work. Plus he is a die-hard Cubs fan as well. 🙂

  3. Thanks, Pete.

    Yes, I had to delete a post that was virtual booing. I don’t like censoring, but I wouldn’t feel good about a link that ripped a kid on the team in such a singular manner.

    I’m not ripping the person who tried to post it. I understand frustration. I just didn’t want this place to be a platform for it.

  4. Sometimes, I feel like that Cubs thing is a curse. Sort of like being a werewolf.

    I guarantee I will howl if they . . . well, let’s not go there.

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