Posted by: marcmwm | September 23, 2008

Quick news conference notes . . .

— Coach Kirk Ferentz opened his news conference with some words about Ron Kenyon, who died last weekend at the age of 90. The Kenyon family donated $5 million to Iowa athletics, which helped build Iowa’s outdoor football practice facility, which is named after the Kenyons.

Chigozie Ejiasi is the new player development director, a job that has a wide scope, from keeping kids in school to helping them find jobs. Also, former Iowa linebacker LeVar Woods was hired to replace Ejiasi as administrative assistant. 

— Ricky is the starter, the 60 minutes starter. Ferentz didn’t rule out Christensen, “Probably be a gut feeling,” he said, jokingly of course.

— Nothing diabolical happened that kept Ferentz from putting him back in the game. Stanzi didn’t ignore a play call, but Ferentz said the coaches were not happy that Stanzi’s final pass play before half was executed. Ferentz said one blocked punt was enough for one half. Stanzi didn’t disrespect offensive coordinator Ken O’Keefe. Nothing diabolical. It was Ferentz’s call to go with Jake Christensen and that’s pretty much that. What changed between Saturday and Monday? Just 30 more minutes of evaluation, Ferentz said. Those 30 minutes swung it back to Stanzi.

— Stanzi said Ferentz said Stanzi will play 60 minutes Saturday. Quite an about-face from Saturday.

— As for reasons, specific reasons, why Ferentz thinks Stanzi is the man after passing him over Saturday, he didn’t say. He said that we saw the game and some things (the real reasons why) will stay between coaches. Left to our own deductions, Stanzi is the more accurate passer, moves the offense more efficiently and has more pure QB skills.

— Stanzi gets the starter’s reps in practice this week, which can only a help a passing game that Ferentz admitted Saturday is sputtering at best.

— “Don’t read anything into it. It was my decision to go the course we went, period.”

— Ricky’s leash? “It’s fair to say that he’s not as experienced. He’s an inexperienced player. That being said there are going to be a few more peaks and valleys.”

— Ready to take some lumps with an inexperienced QB? “I hope we don’t. Any young player who’s in there, you have to understand. We went through some with Nate Kaeding. When we first started playing Bob Sanders we could only play one coverage, but we made the decision it was worth the tradeoff. It evolved. That’s part of the deal. Anytime you put a player in who hasn’t played a lot, that’s going to be a part of the equation.”

— What is it, that makes Ricky better than Jake now or Jake better than Ricky on Saturday? “There are certain things that don’t need to be talked about with everybody. Again, it’s not like there’s something diabolical or something gurgling or going on, it’s nothing like that at all.” He doesn’t feel like he needs to share his reasons for who plays when and where at QB. “I don’t feel like I need to share everything I think to everybody at all times.”

— This probably isn’t over, this QB thing. “I wouldn’t say it’s crystal clear right now. We’ll see how things progress.”

— Who’s No. 3, “We’re trying to get through 1 and 2 right now.” BTW, McNutt is No. 3, at least he was on the road.

— Trent Mossbrucker will get most if not all of the field goals from here on out. Daniel Murray missed a 35-yarder Saturday and that apparently sealed it.

— Ferentz said he isn’t yet worried about it, but third down (34 percent) does need to get better.

— Ferentz said Shonn Greene isn’t yet at 100 percent capacity. Remember, he spent a year and a half out of the game with no serious training outside of moving couches for McGregor’s Furniture. Not yet at 100 percent capacity. Let that sink in, fellas.

— WR Paul Chaney didn’t make the trip and isn’t hurt. It’s a performance thing.

— RB Paki O’Meara is hurting (don’t know what) and might not play this week.



  1. Good stuff. Very interesting that he made the 60-minute commitment. I just think our defense plays with intensity on Saturday and we will score enough to win. Would love to see Bacher throw 4 more picks and he might end up doing that if we can get some pressure.

  2. Marc, you’re ‘Quick Notes’ are like being there. Good Job! While saying nothing, KF said a lot. Clearly, NW is the right opponent at the right place at the right time of the schedule, to turn the keys over to Rick. Rick will have a better line, running game, and more receivers to work with than we did last year vs NW. Statistically, NW appears to have an improved defense vs the cupcake portion of their schedule, but I’m not sure the offense is better.

    A good win at home could help get Rick ready for a very interesting trip to E. Lansing.

    Regarding the peaks and valleys, I would rather struggle with Rick in hopes he will improve than continue to struggle with the more experienced guy, with no hope for improvement in sight. I think I’ll pick up a new mouth guard to counter grinding my teeth.

  3. Thanks, Pete. I know they read kind of thrown together, but I’m just trying to hit some high points and get something out fairly quickly. (Probably need to be quicker on it.)

    One thing about NU, this will be the best D-line Iowa has faced. The ‘Cats have an anchor in John Gill and a do-it-all D-end in Corey Wootton.

    I was going to get one of those mouthguards, too, Pete, but it was too late and now I have a mouthful of crowns. I’m a clencher when I sleep. It’s not a lot of fun either way.

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