Posted by: marcmwm | September 21, 2008

Moses suspended at least four games . . .

From The Gazette:
IOWA CITY — University of Iowa football player Dezman Moses has joined the list of athletes to run into trouble with the law enforcement.
Moses, 19, was arrested early this morning and charged with public intoxication, according to Iowa City police. The sophomore was arrested at 2:15 a.m. at Union Bar in Iowa City.

Moses, who lives in Hillcrest Hall, could have to pay up to $500 for the offense, which is a simple misdemeanor.

The New Jersey native is a linebacker for the Hawkeyes this season.

Iowa sports information issued a Ferentz statement at 5 p.m. (this is as harsh as I’ve ever seen for a public intox):

Statement from Iowa Football Coach Kirk Ferentz:


“I’m extremely disappointed to learn of the incident involving Dezman Moses. Especially considering the circumstances. As stated previously, we will take more stringent action when dealing with unacceptable behavior. With that in mind, he’ll serve a minimum four game suspension, be required to receive counseling and take part in, and perform, community service activities during his suspension. At the end of his suspension period, we’ll re-evaluate his status with the team.”





  1. good thing podolak’s eligibility has expired

  2. I guess they aren’t going to mess around anymore.

  3. Nope, no messing around.

    You knew whomever was next was going to get both barrels.

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