Posted by: marcmwm | September 18, 2008

Roomies . . .

The starter doesn’t get dibs on first shower. The starter doesn’t get the TV remote. The starter doesn’t get first choice of bed or anything.

When Iowa quarterbacks Jake Christensen and Ricky Stanzi room together on the road, it’s a total chill situation.

“We’ve been talking football all week. When we get to the hotel, it’s time to relax,” Stanzi said. “We have meetings and stuff, but when we’re in the room, you just kind of kick back and watch college football or ESPN and stuff.”

Yes, the two players engaged in one of the state’s great debates were scheduled to share a hotel room in Pittsburgh last night. Don’t worry. They don’t even talk about Iowa’s starting QB job.

“It’s not something that you sit there and converse about,” Stanzi said. “I think to sit there and talk about it would be kind of pointless.”

And, no, it’s not a rock band leaving a hotel room in ruins. And that’s the thing, neither player wants the other to fail. They are teammates, when all is said and done.

“I think some people have the wrong idea about it,” Stanzi said. “They think it’s a battle between us two. We’re kind of like fighting and not friends. We both want Iowa to win. Whatever it takes to get that done.”

Christensen and Stanzi know the energy they project is going to reverberate through the huddle and up and down the sidelines.

“You can’t have negative energy in the locker room or on the field,” Stanzi said. “That’s going to feed and go through the rest of the players. That’s going to hurt us. The best thing we can do is be positive.”

During his radio show Wednesday night, his final public appearance before game day, Coach Kirk Ferentz didn’t say who the starter would be today.

When Stanzi earned the week 2 start against Florida International, he was told Wednesday. Last week against Iowa State, Stanzi knew he was No. 1 from the first practice snap of the week Sunday.

Tuesday, Ferentz said he was leaning toward Christensen, who relieved Stanzi against ISU and led Iowa to a TD and victory. He wants to inform the starter early in the week to give him time to prepare mentally.




  1. Competition is good and I think both of these young gentleman (with different personalities) are handling the situation very well. And because of this, the 2 QB situation is a healthy one for the team. I hope that holds up because we may have one of those special years on hand.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree, Greg.

    Two different personalities handling it in very different ways. Ricky has always been the underdog in this, so he’s very laid back. His play needs to pick up, but he doesn’t seem to be beating himself up. Jake came in with such high expectations. Competition became very real for him this fall. Maybe it’ll be a wake-up/catalyst for improvement.

    Special years? Not there yet.

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