Posted by: marcmwm | September 18, 2008

Eye on Texas

 Sophomore linebacker Jacody Coleman probably celebrated Iowa’s victory over Iowa State. He most definitely celebrated a phone call from his dad, Quintin.

Coleman is from Beaumont, Texas., which found itself in the middle of Hurricane Ike last weekend. His dad and an uncle rode out the storm in Beaumont.

“He was a little scared,” Jacody said. “He said the house was moving a little bit. He went through it and he’s doing well. There’s a grocery store open and they’re running off a generator. Not that bad, a lot of wind damage.”

The family’s home is about 30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. Ike is estimated to have caused up to $18 billion in losses.



  1. I understand completely. I’m here in Houston. Had to have friends text me the Iowa scores Saturday as we were without power, water, cable and internet

  2. Thoughts and prayers to you, Eric. But I have to say, you’re one dedicated fan!!

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