Posted by: marcmwm | September 16, 2008

Quick notes from press conference

— Kirk Ferentz said if Iowa played a game at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon Jake Christensen would be the starter. Only the Big East would agree to a Tuesday afternoon game. As for Saturday, it’s still wait and see.

— Ferentz is good with the whole QB thing and seems somewhat at ease because he believes both QBs are playing well.

— There was a long baseball metaphor that wound through Tuesday’s press conference. For the record, Jake was a great baseball player at Lockport. Ricky didn’t play. Ferentz became less and less amused, but hey, it’s what you’re talking about. It’s the majority of what you’re wondering about when it comes to Iowa football.

— I think part of the reason Ferentz is at ease, and he sort of alluded to this Tuesday, is that this team is shaping up to be “his” kind of team. A tough running back, strong offensive line, strong defense and good special teams, that’s Ferentz football. Always has been, always will be.

— He believed the 1980 Pitt team, the one on which he served as a grad assistant under the wing of his mentor Joe Moore, might’ve been one of the “best” teams in college football history.

— Injuries: LB Jeff Tarpinian is better but probably out. TE Michael Sabers is a maybe. TE Tony Moeaki, DT Karl Klug and DT Mike Daniels were held out of practice Tuesday. But “unless something unusal happens, we expect all three guys to be with us,” Ferentz said.

— Don’t look for Ferentz to defer. Ever.

— Ferentz compared Pitt to Wisconsin, a big, tough pro set team.

— Two QBs aren’t a bad thing, Ferentz said.

— Ricky and Jake room together on the road. They don’t fight. The starter doesn’t get dibbs on first shower and what they watch on TV.

— The Iowa seniors gave Ferentz the game ball after Saturday’s victory over the Cyclones.

— Linebacker Jacody Coleman’s dad, Quintin Coleman, rode out Hurricane Ike in Beaumont, Texas. Coleman said his dad felt his house move a few times.

— Linebackers coach Darrell Wilson said the play that true freshman CB Shaun Prater made on the fade in the end zone in the second half is the type of play that “ignites” a defense.

— Iowa LB Jeremiha Hunter and heralded Pitt RB LeSean McCoy are from Harrisburg, Pa. Hunter went to Harrisburg Science and Technology, while McCoy went to Bishop McDevitt. In the only game they played against each other, Hunter’s brother, Xavier, knocked McCoy out of the game with a low tackle.

— Pitt coach Dave Wannstedt on Iowa’s QBs: “I’ve obviously watched a lot of tape and watched both play. (Ricky) Stanzi might have a bit of a stronger arm and he might be a little bit more accurate but he’s probably not as athletic. But they aren’t going to change their offense regardless of who is at quarterback. We’ll prepare for both. Obviously one’s right-handed and the other is left-handed but that won’t change our preparation much.”



  1. Marc, the player interviews seem to indicate Jake wants the job more than Rick does. I hope they both get early minutes, as I still feel using the pass to establish the run is a winning formula for the hawks. If we can score a couple of times in the first quarter, I think we’ll have a good chance, because I don’t think anybody is going to run vs the Ia D, and we’ve got more depth in the D- secondary than any year I can remember.

    I think this business of opening up every position to competition is the most brilliant strategy I’ve ever seen. You always hear it, but they’ve really done it, and we’ve got more game experience – depth than I can ever remember.

  2. I wonder what makes you say that about the QBs, Pete?

    I think that’s the difference in their personalities.

    I think Ricky is more open and honest — maybe realistic — about what his situation is. Obviously, Jake has been beaten up a little bit and is a little more guarded with his emotions and what he says. He’s still got swagger, and I hope he hangs on to that.

    On the field, I think Stanzi is more accurate but has less of a grasp of the offense. I think that showed in the run check Jake made that sprung Shonn Greene for 20 yards on the clinching drive.

    I agree with you on the competition. There are no sacred cows anymore. You’re good, you play.

    On defense Saturday, the Hawkeyes used 19 players. It would’ve been 20 if DT Karl Klug wasn’t knocked out on the first kick off.

    These two deeps are sophomore heavy, too.

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