Posted by: marcmwm | September 14, 2008

Dressers and couches are heavy . . .

So says Shonn Greene. He knows, he spent last season out of school (academics) and supporting himself with a job at McGregor’s Furniture in Iowa City.

Sometimes when I ask these questions, the laughter stops. When I say laughter, I mean a lot of reporters, not all but a lot, love to stroke athletes and be their friends. Hey, it’s an easy thing. It’s easy to feed into all of this. It’s nice to be liked, but, I think, it’s better to be respected. I enjoy my interaction with the players, but I’m still going to ask things that you want to know. For example, I asked if Jake’s demotion didn’t spur him to his best week of practice. He said it did. It was a wakeup call. He grew because of it.

So, TV cameras rolling, knowing Greene and his job last season, I asked what’s the worst piece of furniture to move. Greene kind of laughed and said couches. Then, he said maybe dressers.

Shonn Greene is the definition of barrel-chested. This hit me interviewing him today. He wore a blue V-neck sweater and a tie. I think the sweater would’ve fit around my whole family, all four of us. Not fat, but barrel-chested.

I couldn’t help but remember what Matt Bowen, former Hawkeye safety who played in the NFL for a few years, said about trying to tackle Ron Dayne. He said, “It’s like trying to catch a piano falling down a flight of stairs.”

Greene might not be a piano. Maybe a dishwasher. Yeah, a dishwasher falling down a flight of stairs.

I asked Mitch King where his helmet was. He didn’t have it when he walked off the field. I thought one of you Hawkeye folks might’ve eaten it. Plenty of you almost plowed me over.

I asked Tyler Sash how long the third quarter felt. Iowa’s D was out there for nearly 12 minutes. He said it felt like three weeks. But that it was a good kind of tired.

I asked Kirk Ferentz about the safety he decided to take and all the money it might’ve cost people out there. The spread was Iowa +13.5. The safety with 28 seconds left made it 17-5. “Not my problem,” Ferentz said.

I didn’t ask Ferentz if he has two QBs or none. I know it would’ve been a “Matrix” dodge. But I believe him when he said the starter at Pitt was the farthest thing from his mind. I imagine his mind was on a shower and maybe a burger and a beer and probably some Ben and Jerry’s.

That sounds pretty healthy to me.



  1. I am moving here in a couple months. Wonder if Shonn would be available to do some heavy lifting. Good W by the Hawks and we really are a young team. Next week will be a greater test.

  2. Next week will be a greater test because it’s a road game.

    I think the ISU game was a great test on a lot of levels, meaning they found out quite a bit about themselves, some of it good and some not so good.

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