Posted by: marcmwm | September 10, 2008

Remember this guy?

You might not remember Rashawn Parker, but you definitely remember the hit.

It’s already coming back to you, isn’t it?

The 2006 Iowa-Iowa State game, a fourth-quarter reverse with Iowa receiver Herb Grigsby carrying the ball, Parker was pursuing and Iowa offensive tackle Marshal Yanda taking aim.

Blammo! You have a YouTube video with 33,408 hits.

Well, Parker has survived quite nicely. He’ll be in his third year as a starting defensive end for the Cyclones on Saturday at Kinnick Stadium. He has five career sacks.

That day in 2006, though, Parker was a young freshman, just getting his feet wet in Division I.

“I did survive that hit,” Parker laughed in Ames on Monday.

Yanda was a senior offensive tackle for the Hawkeyes. Now, he’s in his second year as a starter for the Baltimore Ravens. He had 4 inches and 60 pounds on Parker, who’s now 6-0, 246 pounds.

“It just kind of made me be more aware of my keys and being a smart football player out there,” he said. “I think it did kind of give me a wakeup call in a sense.”

From there on, Parker took the weightroom seriously. Tough lesson to learn, especially on ESPN.

“What they do for us as far as running and conditioning and weight lifting, it just kind of changed the whole mentality,” Parker said.


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