Posted by: marcmwm | September 9, 2008

Quick notes from press conference . . .

— Sophomore linebacker Jeff Tarpinian is the only Hawkeye ruled out for Saturday’s game. He suffered a setback with his injured hamstring last week.

— TE Tony Moeaki is a go. His foot might limit his number of plays, but he’s good to go and will play Saturday.

— G Dan Doering has a shot, but he’ll have to make it through the week with the new cast on his broken wrist.

— Kirk Ferentz said he talked to QB Jake Christensen last week and offered to talk again Sunday. Christensen hasn’t taken him up on it. Christensen had a streak of 13 consecutive starts end last weekend against Florida International. He was also roundly booed after an incompletion on his first pass, with Iowa already winning, 14-0. The vibe around Iowa City on Tuesday was that the booing really hit Christensen.

— Ferentz said he doesn’t want QBs to be looking over their shoulders, but he does want them to perform.

— Ferentz was asked a few times about ISU QB Philip Bates, the type of quarterback who has given Iowa fits (think Antwaan Randle el) in the past.

— Pretty much across the board, players agree that the best feeling in college football is running over to the opponent’s sideline and grabbing a rivalry trophy.

— Pretty much across the board, players agree that the worst feeling in college football is getting out of the way while the opponent runs to your sideline to grab a trophy.

— ISU ties: WR Colin Sandeman’s dad is an ISU grad. C Rob Bruggeman’s mom and dad are ISU grads. I assume they’ve been converted.

— Competition is alive and well on the Iowa roster. Still, three weeks into the season, left guard, strong safety, middle linebacker and kicker are shared positions. And quarterback, that seems to be Stanzi’s deal, but it’s only been a week. At weakside linebacker, Jeremiha Hunter was No. 2 to Tarpinian before Tarpinian’s injury. The theory is that competition produces a healthy, competitive roster. That’s the theory.

— BTW, Jake Christensen has class on Tuesday and isn’t available for interviews. This has been consistent from week 1, so no surprises here.

— Going off what Ferentz said, it really didn’t sound like coaches were making room for two QBs in the gameplan this week.

— Reserve DT Karl Klug is still laughing about his Big Ten defensive player of the week award. He said it’s just a blessing to even be playing D-I college football.

— The consensus from players on the booing of Christensen: “It sucked,” guard Julian Vandervelde said.

— More consensus: Ferentz was a little bit chippy today. Here’s how I’d put it if today’s news conference were a hockey game: Ferentz would’ve probably done a two (roughing) and a 10 (unsportsmanlike conduct). That would be a cross check to the face and then another one when you’re on the ground.

But hey, who can blame him? Here’s how his day started:

My week has been off to a big start already. Yesterday I got to open the paper and saw a little picture of my face, nice smile on my face, cited a like 2-and-20 record against Iowa State since I’ve been here. And then the highlight of my day today, I just got off the Big Ten — whatever they call it, media call-in or whatever it’s called, but it’s like a call-in show, and we wrapped it up with a question about the tight end at Wisconsin. I thought that was a good question. We’re off to a good start here.”

Yes, the 2-and-20 deal was The Gazette. We didn’t say 2-and-20, however. 



  1. Oh, the Ferentz paragraph is classic. And I love the hockey reference. The fall has arrived!

  2. Marc just to clarify the hockey ruling, it would have been 2 minutes for cross-checking, and a 5 minute major (for the cross-check when he is down). Now if he is injured, you would add a game misconduct. ………Marc you should know these things, I’ve called this on you numerous times!
    lol, the season is right around the corner.

  3. LOL! Now that you mention it, I forgot about the 5. I’m so used to the “intent to injure,” see ya in three games deal.

    Hope all is well in DBQ. Remember about the Wolverines, it’s about the future.

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