Posted by: marcmwm | September 1, 2008

Your two-deeps for FIU . . .


WR………15 Koulianos, 22 Sandeman

LT………..79 Bulaga, 68 Kuempel

LG……….52 Eubanks/63 Vandervelde, 69 Haganman

C………..58 Bruggeman, 67 Koeppel

RG……….71 Olsen, 73 Gettis

RT……….60 Calloway, 75 Aeschliman

TE………..83 Myers, 82 Reisner

QB………. 6 Christensen, 12 Stanzi

WR………80 Brodell, 26 Chaney

RB……….23 Greene, 25 O’Meara

FB………..36 Morse, 38 McLaughlin


DE……….94 Clayborn, 98 Geary

DT……….53 Kroul, 95 Klug

DT……….47 King, 59 Narinskiy

DE……….46 Ballard, 91 Binns

OLB……..49 Edds, 45 Nielsen

MLB…….55 Coleman, 43 Angerer/37 McGrath

WLB…….42 Hunter, 48 Johnson, 33 Tarpinian

LC………..29 Fletcher, 10 Lowe/16 Gardner

SS……….. 2 Dalton, 18 Tillison/31 Cato

FS………..30 Greenwood, 9 Sash/3 Morrow

RC……….19 Spievey, 28 Shaun Prater, 4 Bernstine

PT……….. 5 Donahue, 6 Guthrie

PK………. 1 Murray/8 Mossbrucker


No substantial changes.



During Saturday’s radio broadcast, Gary Dolphin said coach Kirk Ferentz is really high on redshirt freshman guard Adam Gettis (6-4, 270). Gettis is No. 2 this week behind right guard Seth Olsen. A little thing, but something to watch.



Eubanks and Vandervelde have pulled even at left guard. I haven’t DVR’d it yet, but I’ll check out their performances and blog it out tonight.



G Dan Doering isn’t listed. Ferentz said Saturday that he’s medically cleared and that it’s a matter of pain tolerance. An guard needs to be able to use his wrist, so that’s a variable that needs to be considered.



Almost forgot, Jake Christensen is listed as the starter at QB. (Kidding about the “forgot” thing.)



I asked coach Ferentz about a timeline for a 100-percent, full-time, Numero Uno guy at QB and he said there really isn’t one. They’ll do what’s “best and fair” for the team.



True freshmen William Lowe, Shaun Prater and David Cato are on the two deep in the secondary.



Last I heard, there were 2,000 tickets still available.



We had one gentleman, Dean, e-mail asking us to stop reporting the “fallacy” of the sellout, with Iowa announcing Maine as a sell out being his point. Dean claimed that the day after Iowa announced the game a sell out (which was Friday, I believe) that he was able to order 25 tickets together. We’ll have to check that out.



A stadium at 90 percent capacity for Maine and FIU would still be a heck of an accomplishment.



Could we please stop reporting this “sell out” fallacy.  Selling 95% of the tickets to an event does not make it sold out.  We should be proud of the fact the stadium is nearly sold out for games against poor opponents, but it’s embarrasing that the University feels the need to lie about it.  It certainly takes away from the pride associated with true sell outs.”


Iowa gave away tickets to the Maine game, so, by definition, that’s not a sell out. That’s a give out.


Point goes to Dean. Thanks for writing.


I think this note from the game notes is fairly interesting. It might be more interesting if LSU and Illinois weren’t in the same boat:


Iowa has the fourth-fewest total number of seniors (13) on its roster in the nation.




Central Michigan and Toledo each have 10 seniors, North Carolina has 11, while Central Florida, Fresno State and UTEP have 12. Also with 13 seniors are Illinois, Indiana and LSU.



Of course, you guys know next week’s little get-together with Iowa State is an 11 a.m. kick at Kinnick and it’s on the Big Ten Network.





  1. Marc, I am sure the fans are pretty excited about Jewel Hampton. But one thing I saw that was absent last year was RB’s actually blocking on pass plays, helmet on numbers, not laying down and watching the CB jump over them on their way to a sack. This is part of the position, which make Shonn and Paki the complete packages.

    Funniest thing might have been the look of disbelief Coach Campbell had on his face when DJK either blew the route or dropped the ball. Its gonna be a long session, reviewing film, for DJK this week. He’s such a natural athlete, he’s got to improve his concentration.

    Scoring on the first possession was like Christmas; now if we could just defend Kinnick, 7-0 at home, it would be a great year.

  2. 7-0 @ Kinnick this year would be wonderful!!!
    I was proud of the crowd on Saturday. In early and I thought it was packed pretty tight.
    I am already looking ahead….interesting to see how Pitt does these next couple of weeks.

  3. Sell out or not, I was surprised by the crowd, too.

    I have an Andy Brodell interview from media day with a question I asked him about DJK. Basically, it echoed what you said, Pete. He’s a wonderful talent, great future, but still fairly new to the position. He’s a sophomore and is still growing into it.

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