Posted by: marcmwm | August 30, 2008

Iowa’s first TD on an opening drive since . . . (Official game post)

The 2006 Alamo Bowl . . .

No style points for losing the helmet.

That drive was all about Greene. He rushed eight times for 32 yards, his first carries since 2006 Indiana.

Trent Mossbrucker, true freshman, with the extra point.


14-0, Iowa

Interesting series for Jake — two ducks, a great play taking a shot on Paki’s 20-yard screen and then waiting out coverage on the TD pass and hitting Myers who might’ve been his third option.

Greene is 11 for 50 right now.


Maine after 1Q — 28 rush, 37 pass and 39 yards in penalties. I had them for three first downs.


Jake has two ducks, a tipped pass and took six points off the board with that pick.

AJ Edds closed on the Maine QB like a spider on a fly. When a QB gives up an intentional grounding in the end zone, he has no idea how fast the player who closes on him is moving.

16-0, first safety since 2005 Purdue.

2,000 tickets for Florida International

No Stanzi yet.

Whoops, Stanzi helmet on.


Stanzi now has one career completion.


Trent Mossbrucker good from 35 yards out.

Great play by the Maine safety to save what would’ve been a TD pass to Allen Reisner.

Stanzi is 2 of 4 for 16 yards. He also has a rush for 13.

True freshmen who’ve played: Trent Mossbrucker with the kick, Jewel Hampton with the return, Shaun Prater on punt cover and David Cato. I didn’t see Cato but Iowa SID Steve Roe did.


Overheard in the press box – “Jake is fired.” Someone in the back said it, definitely not me.


Andy Brodell has 67 return yards on four attempts.


Daniel Murray just line drived a 44 FG that would’ve been good from 54.

22-0, Iowa.

Tracking QB:

Jake had three series and went 5 of 8 for 60 yards, a TD and a pick.

Stanzi has three series and is 4 of 7 for 22 yards with two scrambles for 24 yards.

Maine has one pass completion in the first half so far.


Edds’ horsecollar was Iowa’s third personal foul, going along with Anton Narinskiy’s and Harold Dalton’s facemasks.

The horsecollar helped Maine to Brian Harvey’s 40-yard field goal as the first half expired.


Quickie half stats:

Greene 14 rush for 61

QB numbers are the same as above.

Iowa four penalties for 50 yards.

TE Brandon Myers caught three for 26 yards and a 4-yard TD from Christensen. RB Paki O’Meara caught two for 27.

The Iowa offense ran 38 plays. The Hawkeyes have adjusted nicely to the 40-second clock rule.

On defense:

A.J. Edds has a tipped pass that led to Bradley Fletcher’s pick and a sack for a safety, so the horsecollar, which was on the sidelines and totally accidental, is excusable.

The Hawkeyes have held Maine QB Adam Farkes to 2 of 11 passing for 41 yards. Maine has 102 total yards in the first half and 44 yards in penalties.

My player of the game so far is Edds, with an honorable to Andy Brodell with his returns.


QBs will get equal time.

Mossbrucker 2-for-2 with that 33-yarder.

Jake on that drive, 4 of 6 for 42.


Mike Daniels in at DT for Iowa. He’s a 6-1, 261 redshirt frosh from New Jersey.


Greene 90 on 18.

Greene now 22 for 109. His last 100-yard game was 116 yards against Ball State in the 2005 season opener — a span of 36 games (24 of which he was eligible for). It’s his second career 100-yard game.

Iowa’s last 100-yard rusher was Albert Young with 179 last season against Michigan State, a span of three games.

Paki O’Meara’s first career TD.

Back to the first possession, the Hawkeyes have now scored on their first possession in 2 of their last 26 games.


Jewel Hampton’s only other Division I offer was Ball State.

His career stat line at Iowa (as an RB anyway): one carry, 19 yards, one TD.


True frosh update: William Lowe, CB, was in on D that last series. That makes five true frosh in today, Hampton, Mossbrucker, Cato, Lowe, Prater.

Make that six, DeMarco Paine, WR, is in.


TE Brad Herman is in, so that’s 7 true frosh.

Hampton four carries, 42 yards and a TD.


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