Posted by: marcmwm | August 29, 2008

Let’s talk beer . . .

Football season starts tomorrow and that means tailgating and that means beer.

I did this last year and I’m doing it this year. Beer is one of my favorite subjects.

Someone on started a post earlier today that went like this . . . “My first adult beverage tomorrow will be (finish this sentence).”

The answers ranged from a shotgunned can of Michelob Golden Light to shots of hot sauce with Miller Lite to “Man meets beer, man drinks beer, man meets another beer.”

This is why I love you guys.

Quick survey of Maine-themed beers:

Allagash Bruin Ale — The fellas on Beeradvocate give it a B+. It’s a Belgian dark ale with a nutty sweet kick.

Jamaican Style Stout — Twenty-eight reviews on ‘Advocate and a B+. There was one review that mentioned a banana smell. Pass.

Shipyard Brewing Company — These babies get ripped pretty well on ‘Advocate. The Shipyard IPA, a beer many of you have probably tried, rates a B -.

This week’s recommendation:

Let’s not get all crazy on the first week. Let’s go with . . . Schlitz, an American standby for one and all.

Here’s a solid review from “ejthetiger” on Beeradvocate:

“Bought the highly touted ’60s formula in 12 pack bottles here in Milwaukee, where this beer is so “hot” that the store I visited limits everyone to one case per day per customer due to the high demand.

Sucked down eight of these with popcorn and enjoyed the “Gusto.” I am strictly a “macro” man and not at all a beer snob and I would recommend this to anyone that wants an easy drinking quality macro with the touch of awesome nostalgia.”

Good, simple beer pleasure.

God bless America!



  1. ha! – thanks for the props on the rivals thread… always enjoy your blog, and a present surprise over a late lunch hr to see mention of the beer thread.

    well done on the schlitz!

  2. When you peel through the Jake debate, paint the water tower and KOK stuff, the messageboards are hilarious. It’s like a bar, a little bit.

    I read that thread before the CR Wash-Cedar Falls kickoff last Friday and had to find a place for it. Too funny.

    By the way, you can buy Schlitz in East Dubuque, Ill.

    Feel free to send some beer recommendations. I don’t think I’ve tried them all, but I will be vigilant in my quest.

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