Posted by: marcmwm | August 26, 2008

Quick news conference notes . . .

Jake Christensen is the starter at QB, but Rick Stanzi is going to play. The redshirt freshmen aren’t on the radar.

Running back Nate Guillory is gone. Sounded like a numbers game. No ill will, his clock was running and he wasn’t going to get many carries at Iowa.

Left guard is undecided between Andy Kuempel and Rafael Eubanks. Julian Vandervelde is at right guard behind Seth Olsen.

Middle linebacker remains a toss between Jacody Coleman and Pat Angerer. It could go Coleman on running downs and Angerer on passing.

Kicker is still a toss up between sophomore Daniel Murray and true freshman Trent Mossbrucker.

WR Trey Stross has an injured hamstring, different leg than last year.

OG Dan Doering has an injured wrist and Kirk Ferentz hopes he’s back next week.

Incoming freshman quarterback David Blackwell has left Iowa and has enrolled at Iowa Western. The NCAA Clearinghouse hasn’t issued a ruling on his eligibility. The best case is the Clearinghouse rules in his favor and Blackwell returns to Iowa next fall.

Right corner is Amari Spievey over Jordan Bernstine. He’s healthy and is the hot hand right now.

No life skills coach yet.

Shaun Prater, true freshman CB from Omaha, will play.

TE Michael Sabers is out.

RB Shonn Greene is the starter. Paki is No. 2. Two of the three true freshmen will play. Ferentz didn’t say which two.

Dace Richardson is going to attempt a comeback. He hopes to return next season.

TE Tony Moeaki and LB Jeff Tarpinian are out with foot and hamstring injuries, but both were allowed to talk at the media thingie. That’s generally a good sign.


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