Posted by: marcmwm | August 19, 2008

National walk-on award . . .

I vote for a ton of college football awards. I can’t keep track of them all, but I know that all-Big Ten and the Ray Guy Award (nation’s top punter) are among them.


I’m always flattered to be asked and take the responsibilities seriously.


I was offered a chance to be on the committee for a new award just today — the Lynn “Pappy” Waldorf Award. This one goes to the nation’s top walk-on.


I love the whole idea.


The selection committee is up to 60.


The website is “a little rough,” according to Jeff Bigelow, who’s putting together the award, but here it is


The award is named after former walk-on, all-American & College Hall of Fame coach – Lynn “Pappy” Waldorf.




  1. You want a great walk-on? Then walk on over to the redesigned college football site with the new URL, The Wiz of Odds.

  2. Whoops, gotta change the link.

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