Posted by: marcmwm | August 16, 2008

Quick stats and notes . . .

Here’s my best guess on the stats from today (this is very, very raw and won’t hold up to an audit):


Jake Christensen 8-15-181-TD-INT

Ricky Stanzi 12-22-158-TD-2 INTs

Marvin McNutt 5-15-59-INT

James Vandenberg 2-6-18-0-INT

John Wienke 3-5-52



Shonn Greene 10-19

Nate Guillory 5-6 TD

Paki O’Meara 2-(-4)

Adam Robinson 6-31

Jewel Hampton 8-10 TD

Jayme Murphy 4-18

Jordan McLaughlin 1-3

Jake Christensen 1-2 TD

Ricky Stanzi 1-5

Ben Evans 1-5



Derrell Johnson-Koulianos 4-107

Greene 2-12

Don Nordmann 1-19

Nick Kuchel 2-26

Brandon Myers 4-112 TD

Allen Reisner 3-29 TD

Paul Chaney 1-20

Michael Sabers 4-44

Hampton 1-6

Robinson 1-11

Steven Staggs 1-20

Ben Evans 3-29

J.D. Griggs 1-7

Guillory 1-6

DeMarco Paine 1-8



CB Chris Rowell (Vandy)

CB Bradley Fletcher (Stanzi)

CB William Lowe (McNutt)

LB Jeremiha Hunter (Jake)

SS Tyler Sash (Stanzi)


17 sacks

 King, Kroul each had three; Clayborn had two


4 batted down passes by D-linemen


Ooops . . . forgot field goals:


Sophomore Daniel Murray

PATs 2-for-2

38 (yards) left hash 2-2

38 middle 2-2

38 right hash wide Left/Crossbar

40 left hash Good

40 right hash Good

44 wide right

44 Good

32 Good

44 wide right

44 wide right


Total 8-13 (3 for 6 from 40-plus)


Trent Mossbrucker

PATs 2-for-2

38 left hash 2-2

38 middle 2-2

38 left hash wide left/wide right

40 left hash wide right

40 right hash Good

44 left hash wide right

44 wide left

32 good

44 wide left

44 short


 6-for-13 (1 for-6 from 40-plus)


And might as well throw in injuries here:


WR Andy Brodell (lower back soreness)

TE Tony Moeaki (broken bone in foot, surgery to put a screw in, probably out for Maine)

WR Trey Stross (hamstring, might miss Maine)

DT Cody Hundertmark (??)

DE Christian Ballard (concussion?? Back Monday, per Ferentz)

RB Jeff Brinson (??, back Monday, per Ferentz)

CB Drew Gardner (??)

FS Diauntae Morrow (??)

LB Jeff Tarpinian (hamstring)

CB Greg Castillo (??)

OT Bryan Bulaga (bone contusion, warmed up but didn’t go, expected back Monday)

CB Jordan Bernstine (left the scrimmage with a hamstring injury, something that has hampered him the entire camp, Ferentz said.)


More notes:


True freshman quarterback David Blackwell is still stuck in NCAA Clearinghouse limbo. Ferentz expressed frustration with the amount of time it takes to get a thumbs up or down from the Clearinghouse.


Ferentz stopped just short of giving senior Rob Bruggeman the starting center gig. At this point, I think CNN is going to call it in favor of the former Cedar Rapids Washington prep.


Ferentz called sophomore defensive end Adrian Clayborn a “bright spot.” I would call him a tornado. What surprised me Saturday was his speed. He was all over the field.


Linebacker seems unsettled. Soph Jeremiha Hunter got the first chair Saturday with Tarpinian sidelined. Hunter was good in coverage. I’m not sure how he’ll hold up inside. He still looks a little light. Jacody Coleman put a monster hit on Bruggeman after an interception. Coleman plays with an edge, but I think the question might be point of attack for him. Pat Angerer, who’s in it against Coleman at MLB, was active. A.J. Edds is Ironman without the suit.


I really don’t know who the quarterback should be. I do know that, like last season, they’re going to need a lot more help than they got Saturday.


True freshmen who I think will play — CB Shaun Prater, CB William Lowe, RB Jewel Hampton. Maybes include K Trent Mossbrucker, WR Shane Prater, WR DeMarco Paine and one of RB Adam Robinson or Jeff Brinson. I also think, for staggering purposes, QB James Vanderberg or QB John Wienke plays.


Frosh DE Broderick Binns stepped in nicely for Ballard. I think Iowa has four capable DEs, with Chad Geary in there. DT Karl Klug made a lot of plays, but he’s still undersized at 255. It would’ve been nice to see if Hundertmark has progressed. Iowa is thin at DT.


It’s crunch time for kickers Daniel Murray and Trent Mossbrucker. Just going by Saturday, I’d say Murray, but Saturday was just one look.


This is the scrimmage where the defense is light years ahead of the offense. This year was no different. Were the 17 sacks (QBs don’t get hit, so the sacks were more like tags) shocking? If there was a difference between the ’07 open practice and Saturday, I think it was the D-line dominance. It was difficult to evaluate any of the running backs. I thought Shonn Greene, however, looked pretty good for a guy who’s had a year hiatus.







  1. 17 sacks. Wow. Yes, the defense is usually better than the offense in these situations but it sounded like the OL was destroyed today.
    Good to see Reisner stepping up. Lots of 2 TE sets will not be a bad thing. And we may have to use the 2 kicker system again.

  2. […] Re: Hawkeyes have disappointing scrimmage Supposed stats from the scrimmage. Nothing too flashy on offense. For the Hawks sake, their D better be all world, or they are in trouble. Quick stats and notes . . . On Iowa […]

  3. Great recap, Marc!
    Were Colin Sandeman and Harold Dalton present? (just wanted to make sure they’re O.K.)

    Too many ham string problems. Its not just Iowa, its all over. Saw a recent article questioning whether this is the result of too much weight-room and not enough leg work in the bubble. Like to know Coach Doyle thinks.

    I think we have the best DL in football, but I hope that Jake is getting some quality time developing his timing with the receivers. If aggressive defense is interrupting this development, lets authorize holding! Thanks, Marc

  4. Yep, Pete, Sandeman and Dalton were there. Didn’t notice Dalton much. Sandeman had a few balls thrown to him, but he was well covered.

    Hamstrings are a deal for any athlete who sprints. It’s the nature of the beast. But you’re right, Pete. The hammy injury is everywhere and Iowa certainly isn’t immune.

    The offense had quite a few advantages today. It didn’t take losses on sacks or penalties.

    In my opinion, Jake is still the guy. He made more plays than Stanzi. But I also think Stanzi has improved greatly since last season. McNutt is a distant third. Vandenberg and Wienke might have a say. I think one of them plays.

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