Posted by: marcmwm | July 22, 2008

Iowa AD Gary Barta’s comments on today’s Regents meeting . . .

The interpretation here is separation. This is a frustrated athletics director who desperately wants to clear something, the air, his reputation, something. Somebody did something that I’m pretty sure he didn’t agree with during this. Sure sounds like that’s the case.

The “one meeting” quote is a line in the sand. The end is confusing. What information hasn’t been shared with the Board? Isn’t that what today’s meeting was all about?

So, we’ll get the the UI athletic department’s side of the story when the criminal case is resolved? What, two years? That’s a long time to bite one’s tongue.


“I’m grateful for the Board of Regents decision today to take additional steps to investigate the University process related to the sexual assault case. It is very difficult for me to not be able to talk about this publicly. I think most people understand there is more to this story and I look forward to being able to tell it. I am also grateful for the leadership and support of President Mason.”

“This is a difficult and emotional situation and we’ve treated it as such since the beginning. I have great compassion for the victim and all she’s been through and continues to go through.”

“With that said, I know everyone on my staff — Kirk Ferentz and myself included — followed each step of the process carefully, we informed the appropriate parties immediately and then kept them informed every step of the way. We also followed the approved University policy and procedures. The one meeting that Kirk and I attended was held at the request of the family and was still within the stated University policy.

“Earlier this year, Kirk, me, and other members of my staff spent several hours with Board of Regent Attorney Tom Evans answering questions and explaining the process we followed. It was from these interviews, and many others, that the Board had concluded and announced in June we had followed the appropriate steps.”

“I welcome another Board investigation. As we did the first time, my staff and I will fully cooperate with this process. I am very confident they will again find that we took a very difficult situation and handled it with integrity and according to University policy.”

“Again, it has been very challenging to not be able to tell the full story. It has been especially trying the past few days as the integrity and character of Kirk Ferentz, President Mason, me and several other staff members of the UI has been publicly challenged. I look forward to the opportunity to share this information first privately with the Board of Regents and then, when appropriate and when we’re allowed, to share it publicly.”


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