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First off, I don’t know a thing about this site. No idea where it comes from or who produces it.

I do find it interesting that three of the top six on the college football coaches hotseat come from the Hayden Fry tree (Ferentz No. 3, Mike Stoops No. 4 and Chuck Long No. 6).

FWIW, I think that Kirk Ferentz has himself on the hotseat. He’s more PO’d than anyone about the 19-18 and the 17 arrests. When asked after signing day about coaching another son, James, he joked that it was a good deal as long as he has the job. Yes, some of that was typical Ferentz self-deprecation, but not all of it. A few years ago, nothing like this or even close to this bubbles to the surface.

AD Gary Barta’s opinion is the one that counts. But your opinion counts, too. Your opinion = your seat in Kinnick, of course.

This from a story I wrote last fall:

“The Kinnick renovation debt service is guarded from on-field disaster.

The financial model was built on 80-percent occupancy in the suites and indoor and outdoor
club seats, according to senior associate athletics director Jane Meyer, one of the athletics
department’s players in the renovation.

What staves off a year-to-year worry about debt service (about $6 million annually) is the
staggering of the luxury seating contracts, the three, five and seven years. This is Year 2 of the three-year deals, which comprise about one-third of the luxury-seating contracts. (This fall is year 3, by the way.)

So, if the losing continues, could next season be a test for Kinnick financing? If the
losing continues and demand goes down for luxury seating, what happens?

Doug True, UI vice president for finance and operations, said a reserve fund exists “so
we don’t fall short.”

“Our fans continue to come out, and that’s what we’re anticipating even with
this, in regards to the suites and club seating,” Meyer said. “I think part of that
is our fans support our program. It’s our hope that they continue to do that.”

The goodwill bank is open.”

The only value in is discussion. It’s an interesting discussion. Is it fair discussion?




  1. I don’t have children but all of my buddies do, and the financial/time variable with buying season tickets was seriously looked at this year. First time that I have heard any of us talk about cutting back on Hawkeye funds.

  2. That is very interesting, Greg.

    It’s the biggest gathering/party/event on this side of the state on any given Saturday. But will people find the funds for lackluster? There are hardcores and, let’s face it, there are folks who believe Iowa football started in 2002.

    I have no idea how much it costs to gas up an RV, but I know it takes about $75 to fill up the Tundra.

    Take 6-6 out of the equation, it’s expensive to be a fan of any team and follow them every game. Tickets, transportation, food and drink, hotel (if needed), it adds up to a mortgage payment pretty quickly.

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