Posted by: marcmwm | June 3, 2008

Iowa-Iowa State (or is it Iowa State-Iowa???) series

From the University of Iowa:

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Officials from the University of Iowa and Iowa State University jointly announced today a new 10-year agreement that extends the popular series between the two universities’ football teams through the 2017 season.


“This annual event is extremely meaningful to the state, the alumni and fans of both universities, and to our football programs.  I’m pleased we were able to secure the near-term future of the series in a way that worked well for both institutions,” said Gary Barta, director of athletics at the University of Iowa.


The agreement calls for five games to be played on each campus, alternating between the UI and ISU, beginning with this year’s game at historic Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City on Sept. 13. All  ten games will be played on the second Saturday of September.




From Iowa State (from the end of the Iowa State release, the newsworthy part):


The institutions agreed to continue to share 20 percent of the revenue from the sale of tickets to the event in the first five years of the new agreement. These terms are similar to how gate receipts were shared under the previous agreement. The institutions also agreed that gate receipts in the final five years of the new agreement will be treated similar to more traditional home-and-home game contracts.


Here’s the basic background (from The Gazette):


Iowa Athletics Director Gary Barta said he and Iowa State Athletics Director
Jamie Pollard have discussed the schools’ disputed football contract.

“We were at national meetings together, and we have talked on the phone a couple of
times,” Barta said. “We continue to talk pretty regularly. We haven’t made any
final conclusions.

“We just keep talking.”

The schools have differing opinions regarding a contract extension. Iowa officials maintain
the contract expires after the 2010 game because a new contract was not signed. Iowa State
officials believe correspondence between its former athletics director, Bruce Van De Velde, and
Iowa’s former athletics director, Bob Bowlsby, indicate the intent of extending the deal
through 2020.

Iowa State provided The Gazette with correspondence that shows the schools agreed to extend
the deal in 2005. Bowlsby and Van De Velde agreed the schools extended the contract as well.

The current contract calls for the visiting team to receive 20 percent of the home gate. That
tends to favor Iowa State, which has a smaller stadium. Also, Iowa State charged Hawkeye fans
$90 a ticket through Iowa’s ticket office this fall, more than just about any other college football ticket.




This is a compromise.


ISU got to keep five more years of an advantageous deal; Iowa put an end to ISU’s sweetheart deal after those five years.

I don’t have the contract in front of me, but I wonder if the expansion of Jack Trice, closing in the south end of the stadium, will affect the deal or if it’s written into it at all? 

The rivalry is more alive than ever. If this is what it took to keep it, then fine. I’ll never understand how that last contract made it by the goalie in the first place. Different times, I guess.

Just a note, the Iowa legislature has never and will never have a say in whether the two schools will play each other in football. That’s a myth. It was an item on the agenda in the ’70s but never more than that. The schools control their own scheduling.


Some Iowa fans want to see the series go away. I do not. I think it’s more than a game for our state.


Leave some comments. I want to know what you think on this.






  1. Yeah, we have to play the game. It’s just hard to lose to the Clones.

  2. I hate the series! My 3-6 record against Iowa State is a little embarrassing!

  3. I’d just like to thank Kirk for stopping by! 🙂

    Of the teams Iowa has played in each of Ferentz’s nine seasons (ISU, Wisconsin and Minnesota), his record against the Cyclones is the worst (6-3 v. Minny and 4-5 vs. Wisconsin). I wouldn’t have put a nickel on that nine years ago.

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